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Lefty’s seeks retribution over Magpies to guarantee Ketchum crown, 13-9

Lefty's seeks retribution over Magpies to guarantee Ketchum crown, 13-9

The Lefty’s Bar and Grill and Magpies contention at the highest point of the Ketchum Coed Softball League is staying put.

Two seasons prior, Lefty’s secured the city title, 17-11, by bringing down the Magpies. Last year it was the Magpies’ chance to beat Lefty’s, 8-2.

So for what reason would this year be any unique?

The lone contrast truly would be that Lefty’s overwhelmed the 2021 season to complete out the year 10-0 by beating the Magpies again, 13-9, to recover the Ketchum City Tournament title in the title game on Saturday, July 31.

This was the first occasion when that Lefty’s had gone undefeated on the year.

Rainclouds drew nearer and played with the Ketchum softball elites and the unruly fans that jam-packed the West Ketchum Coliseum, possibly to disperse when umpire Rich Lang required the game to start.

Was it destiny that the rainclouds held off? Obviously.

Was this the legendary “Field of Dreams” that we as a whole envisioned? Obviously not, this is Ketchum, where, to acquire from Lloyd Christmas, “the brew streams like wine and where delightful ladies naturally rush like the salmon of Capistrano.”

Get it done women and germs.

To start the game, Lefty’s piled up five runs in the primary inning to lay a grandiose lead, 5-1.

Anthony Anderson (3-for-5) hit a three-run homer to place Lefty’s controlling everything. Anderson would get done with 4 RBIs, 2 runs scored and the game’s MVP honor.

“This feels very great, since these folks and young ladies endeavored to be here,” Anderson said. “Everyone hit, everyone played great protection and that is the means by which you win.”

Lefty’s done the game with 19 hits.By the third inning, Lefty’s clung to a 5-2 lead, however at that point had a beast fourth inning and set up four additional hurries to make it 9-2.

Lefty’s stacked the bases and started racking in the runs off of Madison Merano (1 run, 2 RBIs) who hit a two-run single. The following hitter, Quinton Standley (1-for-3) hit another two-run single.

The lower part of the fourth is the place where this game got fascinating with the Magpies at-bat.

Josie Dawson opened the inning for the Magpies with a lead-off twofold. Kerstin Flavin then, at that point drove Dawson in on a RBI-single. Shannon Flavin then, at that point drove his significant other home on his very own twofold to set up a pleasant circumstance.

Consistent hitting Morgan Uhrig (3 runs, 1 RBI) added another single, then, at that point Matt Conover nailed a bases clearing triple that scored two runs.

Aja Moffat—the game’s female MVP—then, at that point drove in a RBI single to pull the Magpies inside one run, 9-8.

The game’s fourth inning delivered five sudden spikes in demand for six hits for the Magpies.

Yet, the runs halted there for the Magpies, lamentably.

Lefty’s would go onto score four additional rushes to secure the game, and played tight guard all the while.

This was the second time that Lefty’s had beaten the Magpies on the day because of the twofold disposal style competition. Lefty’s won beforehand in the competition, 15-7.

Had the Magpies dominated the title match, then, at that point the two groups would have needed to play for a third time frame. Nonetheless, that wasn’t the situation for the other participants.

The Magpies did outhit Lefty’s, 20-19.

After the game, class coordinator Cooper Minnis gave huge thanks in the precious stone.

“We were unable to have requested a superior association this year,” he said. “Everything met up. Much obliged to you for the incredible season and the extraordinary collaboration.”

Umpire Rich Lang repeated Minnis.

“No place would I preferably be over to ump this class,” Lang said.

After the game, Anderson and Moffat were given the game’s MVPs while Uhrig (4-for-4) and Merano (1-for-3) were given the top hitters of the competition.

“It’s lowering; I had an extraordinary group,” Moffat said about winning co-MVP. “We’re all MVPs. I felt extremely special to play in this group. I had loads of fun.”

For Lefty’s, Kori Paracles (2-for-3 with 3 runs), Kenny Nelson (1-for-4, 1 run), Jamie Stone (2-for-4, 2 runs, 2 RBIs), Zach Nelson (3-for-3, 2 runs) and Luci Cuellar (2-for-3) were the game’s enormous hitters.

For the Magpies, Conover (2-for-4, 2 runs, 2 RBIs), Nic Tidwell (3-for-4, 1 run, 1 RBI), Kerstin Flavin (2-for-4, 1 run, 1 RBI) and Shannon Flavin (2-for-4, 1 run, 1 RBI) were the group’s large hitters.

Notes—There were 10 games played between the last seven day stretch of the period (July 29) and the competition (July 30-31). As Lefty’s went undefeated without precedent for class history, the Drunken Pirates fought off going winless by at last scoring a success under their privateer belts. The Drunken Pirates beat the Ketchum Shenanigans, 18-17, in the first round of the washouts’ section on Saturday morning.

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