German Gymnast Pauline Schäfer Wins World Beam Silver Medal in a Statement-Making Unitard

Germany’s Pauline Schäfer put second on pillar at the 2021 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, and she did as such while wearing something seldom seen at ladies’ aerobatic meets: a unitard. Recently, German gymnasts appeared these long-sleeved, long-legged leotards at the 2021 European Gymnastics Championships, and they wore them in different rivalries, for example, the Tokyo Games. Schäfer contended at the last mentioned, and it denoted her subsequent Olympics. The unitards say something against sexualization in the game and contend that gymnasts ought to focus on wearing what they’re generally agreeable in.

“We need to show that each acrobat can wear what they need, thus we chose to wear the long leotard,” Schäfer, 24, the 2017 bar world champ and presently a three-time world medalist on this occasion, said in a meeting with GymCastic recently. She took part in making the plans too.

Nastia Liukin, a 2008 Olympian and nine-time world medalist, said on the Olympic Channel live transmission that it would have been hard for her by and by to contend in such a leotard given that she was utilized to the exemplary one-piece bathing suit esque model. She added, in any case, that gymnasts ought to have the option to have this choice in the event that they so decide. Note: under International Gymnastics Federation rules, gymnasts are allowed to wear both common leotards and unitards.

Schäfer got done with a score of 13.8 at the 2021 world shaft last, and her execution score of 8.4 (that was added to her trouble score for an aggregate) was the most noteworthy execution score on light emission contest. Her routine highlighted a wonderful twofold turn and an expertise named after her in the Code of Points: a “side somi” with a half curve. She stuck her gainer format strong, as well.

Ahead, look at photographs of Schäfer in said unitard during this World Championships shaft last, just as depictions from the decoration service. It’s similar leotard as the one she and her colleagues wore at the Olympics. Silver and an articulation — we love to see it!

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