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Athletics: 21 Loir-et-Cheriens athletes in the France cadets-juniors in Evry-Bondoufle

No less than 22 Loir-et-Chériens athletes are engaged for the France cadets-juniors this weekend at Evry-Bondoufle. Among them, 15 are licensed at AJBO.

This weekend at the French cadet-juniors championship in Evry-Bondoufle, the whole of Loir-et-Cher will be well represented with 22 athletes entered. Among them, 15 athletes will compete under the colors of the AJBO. A record linked to “the club’s policy and the work of the athletes for a year and a half of confinement” according to Daniel Aubry. Regarding the chances of medals, we must first look at Amir Trari, Maël Dilasser and Kolbotre So, coached by Jean-Pierre Thoreau. “Amir and Maël have already made podiums this winter. The champion will go to the French U18 team, so it puts a lot of pressure on them. For Kolbotre, I hope he will manage to stay in the 12. ”

Loir-et-Cher represented from North to South

Coach at AJBO, Jean-Philippe Roiron sees his charges reach the finals. “Léane Glaudel (400 m) and Pauline Billaud (400 m hurdles) can access it, even if it is their first France so we have to see how they will approach it. Louis Segard (length), given his last performances, he has the capacities, after which we will see how it will go. “ In the Dilasser family, I ask the brother, Corentin, qualified in the 100m, who, like Segard, will double in the 4 x 100m, at least that’s what Fares Megharbi hopes. “They are used to overtaking so normally there won’t be any problems. They have a real chance to make it to the final. And there, we can try a game of poker and why not try for a podium.

Other representatives of the justify of the department, Vinoliens Emma Perain (hammer), Ilan Durin (length) and Rafael Richard (400 m hurdles). “Emma is 12th overall, at her best she can hope to go to the final ,” says Fernand Pelletier. Ilan has the 6th or 7th best performance, he is a 1st year cadet, normally he can aim for the top 12 and gain experience in the final. Rafael is a surprise. He is 24th, junior 1st year. We did not expect him at this level. ” A little further east, Mathieu Moreira (AMO Sea) accompany Dilasser on the 100 juniors. “He was a bit far in the balance sheet, we didn’t think he was going to qualify,” says François Dabert.He’s a 1st year Juniors, and it was complicated to train with the curfew etc. He has to try to be at his best and if he makes it to the semi-finals, that would already be good.

South of the department he will be represented by Romane Guyon (AC Romorantin), which will start on the 1,500 meters. “She is 8th overall so the goal is to get into the final, that would already be a satisfaction ,” explains Richard Ferrand . Afterwards, I think that in front of it will go faster but why not. If she could beat her record, that would be good. ” The northern department is not forgotten as it will be represented by Marion Bouin (Vendome-Marolles) in the javelin. “Normally his specialty is the 400m hurdles , says Jean-Pierre Maréchal. Arrested for 3 months but versatile, she managed to qualify for the javelin. The goal would therefore be to qualify for the final.

The qualified:
100m JU M : Corentin Dilasser (AJBO), Mathieu Moreira (AMO Mer). 4 x 100 m JU M : AJBO. 400m JU F : Léane Glaudel (AJBO). 800 m CA M : Aymane El Massaudi (AJBO). 1,500 m CA F : Romane Guyon (AC Romo). 1,500 m CA M : Achille Bazantay (AJBO). 400m hurdles CA F : Pauline Billaud (AJBO). 400m hurdles JU M : Rafael Richard (Vineuil). 2,000 m steeplechase CA F : Anaelle Chevrier (AJBO), Jade Lavie (AJBO). 2,000 m steeplechase CA M : Similian Grimaud (AJBO). Height CA M : Mustapha Oumeziane (AJBO). Length CA M : Ilan Durin (Vineuil).JU M length : Louis Segard (AJBO). Weight (5 kg), Disc (1.5 kg) CA ​​M : Amir Trari (AJBO). Weight (6 kg), Javelin (800 g) JU M : Kolbotre So (AJBO). Javelin throw (700 g) CA ​​M : Mael Dilasser (AJBO). Javelin throw (600 g) JU F : Marion Bouin (Vendôme-Marolles). Hammer (4 kg) JU F : Emma Perain (Vineuil)

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