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Pamplona will have an indoor athletics track in Echavacoiz

The Pamplona City Council has started the procedures to exchange land with SDC Echavacoiz , within its facilities, which would allow the construction of a covered athletics module for the city.
Management of Urbanism will know on Wednesday a file in which it has been working together with the area of ​​Community Action, Cooperation and Sports, the Navarra Athletics Federation and the SDC Echavacoiz, whose partners must ratify the agreement.
At this time, there is a metal structure built by SDC Echavacoiz in order to expand its sports facilities that was left unfinished, explains the City Council, adding that the current economic situation of society does not make its completion viable .

The structure is mostly on the land of the sports society, although a part is on municipal land . The structure, which sits on a total area of ​​1,650 m2, could be used to build a covered facility for athletics as a training module.
Currently Pamplona has the athletics facilities of the Larrabide Stadium , which due to the health crisis cannot accommodate all the people who practice this sport.
As it is a Technification justify, according to the Government of Navarra’s cataloging, it has adapted the use of the tracks and sports schools have had to abandon the space as a regular training place. There are about 450 minors enrolled in athletics sports schools, most of them linked to the Pamplona Atlético, which is based in Larrabide.
With the agreement that will be seen on Wednesday, the SDC Echavacoiz would cede to the Pamplona City Council the lands of the NW end of the plot calculated at 2,990.98 m2, and the Consistory to society a total of 6,189.93 m2 of the land located at East. The difference between the two surfaces, 3,198.95 m², corresponds to the valuation of the structure, which was 527,603 euros .

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