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World Athletics annuls the rule that took away the 2018 world title from Oscar Husillos

Almost four years after Oscar Husillos lost his 400m indoor world title in March 2018 in Birmingham, and with it the European record of 44.92s, a fleeting moment, a seen and unseen that lasted just a few minutes between crossing the finish line in one of the most sensational performances in the history of Spanish athletics and being disqualified, the rule that took away the gold will disappear on November 1.

Husillos’s result was annulled by virtue of World Athletics rule 163.3, which prevents even minimally stepping on the inner line of the fairway, as he did in a gesture at the exit of the curve that was only appreciated when seeing the repetition in slow motion and from which he did not take any advantage, and more in a victory that he achieved by more than half a second of difference. That track in Birmingham had a problem with the camber of the curves that already caused that in the third series of the first round all the athletes were disqualified, one for false start and the other four for the rule of the line.

World Athletics, the governing body of world athletics, will apply a much looser regulation next season, as it has made a few exceptions to the rule that will allow in street races to “touch once the line to the left, the curb or the one that marks the applicable limit in a curve “.

A standard for the middle rope

The change also affects races without lanes, such as in the middle, where it will be allowed to “step once completely off the curb or line marking the applicable edge in a curve if no material advantage is obtained and no other athlete is pushed or obstructed. in your advance “. This change seems thought after what happened in the last European indoor track in Torun with Jakob Ingebrigtsen , who won the gold in 1,500m, was disqualified and after an appeal and a threatening tantrum he was re-qualified, leaving the Spaniard Ignacio Fontes no medal. The Grenadian recognized then that he was fair , like Pavel Maslak, who inherited the Husillos gold in 2018, did not feel like a winner of that race.

The regulation adds some interpretative notes on what is material advantage. For races without lanes, it specifies that it is mainly about when a rider steps inside the rope (either intentionally or after being pushed by another) to return to a better position on the track. “The athlete should take immediate steps to return to the track without gaining an advantage,” he warns.

Once per championship, not per race

The new regulations also add that in races with multiple rounds, such as championships, this exception of stepping on the line along all of them will be allowed only once, not once per race, and in the case of relays the same criteria even if they are infractions committed by different athletes of the same team in different rounds. In any case, and to clarify the situation, warnings for stepping on the line must be reflected in the results even if they do not entail disqualification.

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