Jaime Cardona, another great challenge of overcoming fulfilled

This weekend the Zurich Marató Barcelona was held, which could not be held in 2020 and more than 15,000 participants filled the main roads of Barcelona to cover their dream of devouring the slightly more than 42 kilometers of the test. Among them was a wide representation of the Balearic Islands and of all the Mallorcan people present, one name stood out, that of the athlete Jaime Cardona Vicens who ran his twenty-sixth marathon and the number 14 with a prosthesis on his right foot. An example of overcoming and perseverance in the face of adversity and difficulty.

Since 2007, Jaime has been running with a special prosthesis in order to alleviate the consequences of the amputation that he suffered in his right foot due to a traffic accident in which he was involved without being guilty of anything.

Cardona has always been a lover of sports, especially athletics. Before that 2007 he had already participated in numerous races and always setting very acceptable times. After the accident, he brought out incredible willpower , toured hospitals, invented foot protection measures, and never faltered in his clear idea of ​​”running again.” And he did. And it continues to do so. And also setting very remarkable times as a result of his workouts and of a heart and privileged legs that allow him to run and run over and over again without fainting.

On this occasion it was Barcelona, ​​a race that Jaime is particularly satisfied with and which ended with a time of 3 hours 42 minutes and 35 seconds . “I enjoyed it a lot,” he told Ultima Hora. “It was a special marathon for me among other things because it could not be held last year because of the coronavirus. In addition, it also came in specific circumstances in my life that made it special. I had to prove to myself that I could run it and also do it well and the truth is that I am very satisfied. I took out the Jaime that I carry inside and I ran it », stressed the Majorcan athlete.

Regarding how he planned this marathon, Jaime Cardona explained: «The first three kilometers were warm-up, then little by little I was picking up pace and from 20 to 42 I overtook 1,400 athletes and in the last five thousand meters I was able to do the fastest partial of the race. It has been one of the marathons that I have enjoyed the most in my life . It helped me to change, to get everything I had inside, I was very happy with myself, “said the athlete.

Running with a prosthesis is a huge inconvenience, but since 2007 Jaume has overcome all obstacles and has been one of the most admired athletes in the peloton for his enormous strength of will. « Barcelona has been a turning point for me . Because of the pandemic, I had to leave my job that I had been in for 33 years and in a certain way sport helped me a lot because I hugged him again as I have always done when things have not gone well for me and to continue supporting the illusion alive. Going out to train was an escape route and I considered the marathon as another great challenge, another great goal. I had to get my strength and I took it out and ran it with enormous strength and motivation, ”said the Mallorcan.

Once again Jaume Cardona has done it again. He has covered another race with that amputation of a joint so decisive to be able to run, but that is not an impediment for the Mallorcan to continue covering marathons, kilometers and goals . In his head the word impossible does not exist. It was left behind many years ago, when that damn accident ran into its destiny. But Jaume stood up to him and won the battle. He keeps winning it, in every training session, in every race, in every kilometer traveled. Marathon by marathon. Day to day.

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