Kumamoto Castle Marathon canceled for 2 consecutive years Kumamoto City Summer Ezu Lake Fireworks Festival

The Kumamoto Castle Marathon Executive Committee (composed of Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Athletics Association, and Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun) announced on the 25th that it will cancel the 10th tournament scheduled to be held in the city in February next year. The outlook for the new coronavirus infection situation is uncertain, and the safety of runners is the highest priority. The Kanakuri Memorial Kumamoto 30km Road Race has also been canceled for the second consecutive year following this year.

 Mayor Kazufumi Onishi, who had a press conference at the press conference, emphasized that “there is a concern that the infection will spread again, and the status of vaccination cannot be predicted.” Regarding the decision at this time, he said, “If the decision on whether or not to hold the event is postponed, the burden on runners and related parties will be heavy if it is canceled.”

 More than 10,000 citizen runners participated in the marathon. More than 6,000 staff, including volunteers and medical personnel, cooperate with the operation, and many citizens cheer along the road.

 Mayor Onishi explained that the event will be held from next year onward, “it is necessary that vaccinations reach a certain rate and that the infection has converged worldwide and domestically.”

 On the other hand, the Ezu Lake Fireworks Festival, which was planned to be held in the summer, will be canceled as it was last year. (Naohisa Yamaguchi)

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