Mizuno, shoes “WAVE REBELLION” aiming for a full marathon 3 hours cut

Mizuno will release “WAVE REBELLION”, a running shoe for speed runners aiming for a full marathon of 3 hours, on July 22nd. The price is 19,800 yen.

WAVE REBELLION is a shoe that aims to support performance to the maximum with smooth running comfort without changing the form, instead of changing the running form according to the shoe. It is equipped with Mizuno’s original materials and structures such as “Mizuno Eerzy Lite” and “MIZUNO WAVE”.

Mizuno Eerzy Lite is one of Mizuno’s original materials “MIZUNO ENERZY” that repels the energy accumulated by softness at the time of touchdown with less loss, and is a type that pursues lightness. MIZUNO ENERZY also includes the “MIZUNO ENERZY CORE”, which has the highest softness and resilience, and the standard “MIZUNO ENERZY”.

Mizuno Eerzy Lite is used for the entire midsole for WAVE REBELLION. Compared to the conventional model with a midsole, the softness is improved by about 22% and the resilience is improved by about 35%. While being lightweight, it has cushioning and resilience, and when it lands, it does not sink too much and can move smoothly to the next operation.

MIZUNO WAVE is Mizuno’s core function that absorbs vertical impact and demonstrates stability against lateral displacement, thereby achieving both cushioning and stability required for shoes. Nylon Mizuno Wave with glass fiber is mounted on the entire surface from the heel to the forefoot.

It is a material that is harder than ordinary nylon and has a high rigidity of about 1,141%, and it is said that the plate will bounce more strongly and exert forward force and stability. The shape is fork-shaped, and it can be bent by one’s own force, and its bending can be changed to repulsion. In addition, this fork-shaped plate part is designed so that it can be seen visually.

The sole is equipped with a lightweight and highly gripping “G3 sole” made of polyurethane material. By installing it perpendicular to the direction of travel (horizontal direction), it exerts a grip force that firmly grips the ground.

In addition, although there are voices of concern about durability in speed shoes, WAVE REBELLION considers that part and installs the same material as the G3 sole on the outer circumference of the outsole. This enhances the durability of the speed runner against the impact of landing.

Highly breathable and soft “engineered mesh” is used for the upper. In addition to reducing the weight by removing the reinforcing material of the upper, it is said that the soft feel of the mesh is transmitted when you put your foot in it.

On the other hand, as a speed shoe, in order to fix the midfoot and improve the fit, highly stretchable material is used on both sides of the tongue end.

Another feature of WAVE REBELLION is that it uses environmentally friendly materials. In addition to using recycled PET material for the shoelace and cuffs, the midsole emits about 38% less CO2 than the petroleum-derived nylon material used for conventional Mizuno Wave, and is vegetable. The derived nylon plate is adopted.Lineup of men’s and women’s. Men’s weight is 27.0 cm and one side is about 235 g, and women’s is 24.5 cm and one side is about 210 g.

Men’s colors (sizes) are black x blue x red (25.0 cm to 29.0 cm) and blue x green x pink (24.5 cm to 29.0 cm). The women’s color (size) is pink x white x navy (22.5 cm to 25.5 cm).The sales target for one year from the launch of WAVE REBELLION is 40,000 pairs globally and 8,000 pairs in Japan.

Mizuno also has a lineup of running shoes, “WAVE SHADOW 5” (13,090 yen) for runners aiming for a marathon of 3 hours and 30 minutes, and “WAVE SKY 5” (17,600 yen) for runners aiming to complete a marathon. , “WAVE REVOLT 2” (9,350 yen), etc. will be newly developed.

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