Segment: My involvement in the (virtual) 2021 Marine Corps Marathon

There was no early morning metro ride for me, no road terminations, no jam-packed beginning line and no rancid porta-potties. The current year’s Marine Corps Marathon and 10K were virtual.

The current year’s race was my seventh Marine Corps Marathon 10K, and my first virtual. I finished the full Marine Corps Marathon in 1999 and immediately concluded that half long distance races and 10K’s (6.2 miles) fit much better into my timetable as a functioning mother of four. I then, at that point, finished the MCM 10K in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and today.

I started the 2021 virtual 10K at my doorstep in Bowie, Maryland. I was run/strolling to advance ladies’ wellbeing and health. I ran/strolled to Centennial Park, three-fourths of a mile from my home where I surrounded the recreation center twice.

I then, at that point, headed out to Allen Pond Park, another three-fourths of a pretty far, where I orbited twice. The remainder of the miles were finished in the path that go through two areas in Bowie — Glen Allen and Covington.

En route, I met individuals like Elaine and Anita who were out for a morning stroll at Allen Pond Park. Elaine is a bosom malignant growth survivor. As a component of her central goal to remain sound, “I’m here consistently if the climate permits,” she said.

Her strolling accomplice, Anita, is additionally on a mission. “I started strolling on the grounds that my PCP said I was fat,” she said. Strolling has assisted her with shedding pounds.

As I went to my circular drive to finish the last 10th of a mile, there were no cheering groups, nobody to hand me water or bananas or to put a finisher’s decoration around my neck. Simply my better half applauding, “No doubt, Steph.”

That is all I really wanted.

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