Sorrento Positano e Napoli City Half Marathon, Napoli Running apre le iscrizioni

Napoli Running announces the race calendar and the opening of registrations for the Sorrento Positano on 5 December 2021 and for the Naples City Half Marathon on 27 February 2022. The mass events receive an injection of confidence thanks to the slowdown of the epidemic curve and the effects of the campaign vaccinale.NAPLES – There is enthusiasm, the desire to leave again and to return to running in the magical and unique places of the running competitions organized by Napoli Running Asd. Sorrento, Positano and the municipalities of the Sorrento coast as well as the city of Naples await runners and their energy, their desire to be there and have fun in a healthy way.Napoli Running has never lacked the organizational ferment that has borne fruit. even in the midst of the pandemic crisis. Napoli Running even in the darkest periods of the pandemic believed in the importance of being close to runners by developing two virtual projects, Sorrento Positano and Naples Digital Running Festival, two events that had the task of recalling the emotions and the success of the latest editions of the demonstrations and to carry the name of these locations all over the world, waiting to return to mass events in attendance. Today the next step with the official announcement of the dates: Sorrento Positano scheduled for next 5 December 2021 and the Naples City Half Marathon for next 27 February 2022.
“We are happy that this day has arrived, the hope is that we will soon be able to savor the taste of running as a whole, of competition, of being with friends for a whole weekend, of visiting a city – says Carlo Capalbo President of Naples Running -. It is time that we must persevere and move forward, as if we were in the last kilometer of a marathon, aware that we will soon find full freedom. The commitment of all the staff of Napoli Running, as always, will be to make the city of Naples and all running in Italy great thanks to the Sorrento Positano and the Naples City Half Marathon “.

“This is a great opportunity to make the beauties of our territory known to the world, and to offer the many participants of this important sporting event a taste of our hospitality”, the words of Massimo Coppola Mayor of Sorrento.

“An important opportunity to promote the city of Naples internationally: we are confident that this event will be able to convey the true identity of the Neapolitan people, made up of determination, tenacity, passion and resourcefulness. We expect a significant tourist turnout in the coming months: the restart of Italy depends on the courage of initiatives like this “said Ruben Santopietro, one of the founders of ‘Visit Italy’, the online guide to Italy, based in Milan and Naples.SORRENTO POSITANO – On Sunday 5 December 2021 the distances: “Ultra Marathon” of 54 km, which obtained the Iau Road Race Bronze label, the International Association of Ultramarathons, and the 27 km “Panoramica”. The Ultra Marathon will start at dawn, at 6.30 in the morning, while the Panoramica at 9.00. Routes that stand out from each other for the complexity that in the “Ultra Marathon” is greater not only for twice the number of km than the “Panoramica “But also, and above all, for the important positive difference in height. In both cases, runners will be compensated by a unique panorama in the world, that of the encounter between the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts, a UNESCO heritage site, territories framing ancient cultures and lands of centuries-old traditions. The 54 km Ultra Marathon route is also part of the IUTA (Italian Ultramarathon and Trail Association) calendar of events and assigns two further prizes to the passage on as many flying milestones: “Green Ribbon Grand Prix” on the distance of the half marathon 21,0975km for the race ‘Panoramica’ and “Trofeo della Costiera” at the passage to 50km in the 54km race. Sorrento will wait for runners dressed up, the lights, trees and Christmas decorations will add that emotional note that makes this event even more extraordinary.

NAPLES CITY HALF MARATHON – The countdown for the ninth edition of the Naples City Half Marathon also starts, a race awarded with the Bronze Label World Athletics and Five Stars of the European Athletics Federation, scheduled for Sunday 27 February 2022. Thanks to the very fast route , ideal for setting personal best, and to the beauty of the city, a window on the Gulf that hosts Capri, Ischia and Procida, islands of incomparable beauty, the race has now become a point of reference in the panorama of international half marathons and represents one of the races most participated in Italy. In 2020, the Naples City Half Marathon was the last international event held as a mass event before the lockdown, with 7 thousand participants spread over the various competitions: 1500 strangers

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