The Mining Half Marathon suspended for the second consecutive year

For the second consecutive year and as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the traditional Mining Half Marathon has been canceled, to commemorate the traditional July 11 “Miner’s Day”, which takes place over a distance of 17 kilometers from Santa Bárbara to San Francisco del Oro and that this 2021 is celebrating 58 years of its beginning in 1963.

After the year 2020, it could not be held in its 57th edition, this 2021, the same thing happened and it was canceled as a result of the contingency known to all with the pandemic, to break for the second year in a row this tradition of celebrating with the pedestrian race the “Miner’s Day” which is commemorated this Sunday, July 11.

This second atypical year will remain in the memory of all, since also the Mining Half Marathon, which has been held for more than half a century in the towns of Santa Bárbara and San Francisco del Oro, in the southern region of the state, to celebrate the traditional “Miner’s Day” is definitely suspended due to the contingency, as it cannot be carried out, since all massive sporting events are suspended by the authorities and to avoid any spike in infections.

The above was announced by Jesús Chávez Morales, director of Culture and Sports of San Francisco del Oro and Raúl Valenzuela Rodríguez, secretary of the Union of Miners of Section 20, organizers of the sporting event, agreeing that this year 2021 due to the situation of all known to the pandemic, the Mining Half Marathon, will break a tradition of 56 consecutive years developing, since its foundation in yesteryear in 1963, where editions, 57 and 58, will be remembered for not being carried out.

Likewise, they expressed that the Municipal Presidency of San Francisco del Oro and the Union of Miners of Section 20, give notice to all runners in the region and the general public, that what would be the LVIII edition of the traditional pedestrian race 17K “Half Marathon Mining 2021”, within the framework of the celebrations of the Day of the Miner, will remain undeveloped and which in 2019 distributed an economic bag in prizes of forty-three thousand pesos.

This year, as a tradition, 58 years have passed since its inception and this time the “Mining Half Marathon” will not be held, which dates back to 1963 and which was run for the last time from Parral to San Francisco del Oro. around 28 years, which brings together the best runners in the region, as well as in recent years the attractiveness of Kenyan athletes, which describes a rich history in the region and is held to celebrate “Miner’s Day” in the neighboring towns of Santa Bárbara and San Francisco del Oro.

To conclude, the organizers mentioned that the race would take place as every year on July 11 and where the following categories were contemplated: youth up to 18 years; free, from 19 to 29 years old; “A” veterans, ages 30 to 39; “B” veterans, ages 40-49; “C” veterans, ages 50 to 59 and master veterans, ages 60 and over, in both branches.

It is worth mentioning that the last winners of the “LVI edition of the 17K Mining Half Marathon” were the Kenyan, Rerimoi Barsitei and Laura Orozco, from the capital, at 49:54 and 1:04:07 minutes, respectively.

HISTORICAL DATA: The race in its first editions ran from San Francisco del Oro to Parral, later the route from Parral to San Francisco del Oro was changed and the last 28 years it has been carried out from Santa Bárbara to San Francisco del Oro, which In its beginnings, it had the participation of more than one hundred runners from the region and various parts of the republic, as well as participants from the Tarahumara ethnic group.

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