Tokyo Marathon postpones 21-year tournament to next spring 22-year tournament is canceled for the first time in history

On the 17th, the Tokyo Marathon Foundation decided to postpone the “Tokyo Marathon 2021” scheduled for October 17th. It will be postponed to March 6th next year, and the “Tokyo Marathon 2022” scheduled to be held on the same day will be canceled. This is the first time since the 2007 convention was established to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

 The foundation will hold a board meeting in Tokyo on the 17th. The tournament guidelines stipulate that “if an emergency declaration is issued more than one month before the event, it will be canceled.” By taking over the name of the tournament, the right to run about 25,000 general runners who were scheduled to participate in this year’s tournament can be carried over to next year’s tournament. If you do not participate, the entry fee will be refunded in full.

 The Tokyo Marathon, the largest citizen marathon in Japan, has been forced to reduce or postpone the scale of the marathon for the second consecutive time since last year due to the influence of the new corona. The previous tournament in March last year stopped the participation of about 38,000 general runners and focused on about 200 elite athletes. This time it was originally scheduled to be held on March 7, but in October last year the foundation decided to postpone it for about half a year so that general runners could also participate. As an infection control measure, the number of general runners participating was reduced to about 25,000, which is more than 10,000 less than usual, but it had to be decided to cancel.

 The Tokyo Marathon is a course that goes around tourist attractions in Tokyo such as Asakusa and Ginza, and is overwhelmingly popular with citizen runners. More than 300,000 people apply every year, and the lottery rate exceeds 10 times. It was difficult to avoid the risk of infection because many volunteers and staff participated and the number of spectators along the road was 1 million.

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