Afridi’s auction price would have been 200 crore rupees if he played in IPL!

Pakistani cricketers got a chance to play in the first two editions of IPL. After that, due to political reasons, Pakistani cricketers are not getting a chance to play in IPL. The Indian Cricket Board has blocked the way for Pakistani cricketers to play in the IPL.

But if Pakistani cricketers get a chance to play in the IPL, how much would Shahin Shah Afridi be worth in this auction? However, a Pakistani journalist sat down with a strange claim. He said Afridi would have fetched Rs 200 crore in the auction.

There is no doubt that a cricketer like Afridi would get a lot of money if he played in the IPL. So say, 200 crore rupees! The demand did not become unreasonable! Ihtisham-ul Haq, a Pakistani journalist, made the claim on Twitter.

Where IPL franchises are given a salary purse of Rs 90 crore to build a team and at least 16 cricketers of that rupee have been ordered to join the team, it is unimaginable whether the price of a cricketer is Rs 200 crore.

After making such remarks on Twitter, the journalist named Itisham-ul-Haq naturally had to face the exclusive ridicule of Indian netizens. All the funny comments kept flying in response to Itisham’s tweet.

Below is a response from Shaheen Afridi to a possible Rs 200 crore price from a Twitter account called Neeche Se Topper.

A Twitter user named Ranjan wrote, ‘What are you saying brother! 200 crore will be the auction of the whole of Pakistan. From the Twitter account called Prince G, it is written, how many zeros are sitting in 200 crores, do you have any idea? ‘

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