After the tip, the victim was bullied in protest, said Saju Khadem

Many people in the showbiz arena have posted pictures on Facebook after the tip on their foreheads protesting the harassment of a woman wearing a tip. Saju Khadem, a small screen actor, is one of them.

Saju Khadem posted a picture with a tip on his forehead and wrote in the caption, ‘Red tip, red sun.’

And after that post, Saju is being bullied. The actor said, “I am being abused.” 

There were numerous negative comments and attacks on Saju under that photo.

Some have wished the actor well. Some people wrote, ‘I would give lipstick, otherwise people would think of something else. You look like a transgender person. ‘ 

In addition, many have called him a ‘broker’ and abused him. 

On social media, Saju Khadem said, ‘A woman has been treated unfairly. It is our duty to stand by his side. That is why I have protested in this way. But in my protest, people are insulting me by using various bad words and comments. Those who have such a dirty mentality, what should they do? They are also Eve teasers. ‘

Angered, the actor said, “People who are doing these dirty things should be brought under the law.” They are bullying people’s Facebook status. There should be a case of cyber bullying against them.

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