BDR mutiny: Fakhrul calls for release of investigation report

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has called for the release of former BDR (BGB) rebels who have not been investigated for 13 years.

He made the remarks at a discussion held at DRU on Saturday (February 26) at noon in memory of those killed in the BDR mutiny.

The BDR mutiny took place to destroy the security of Bangladesh. Mirza Fakhrul thinks that destroying the morale of the army was a deep conspiracy of BDR mutiny.

He added that the exact details of the BDR mutiny were not yet known as the investigation report had not been released. At that time the army was not sent to suppress the rebellion on political instructions. Rather the government has held meetings with the rebels.

A partial investigation report into the BDR killings, which was carried out by the army, was released. The main part has not been published. What was done privately was not disclosed. Why, in whose interest we have not been able to know the right issues for 13 years, asked Mirza Fakhrul.

He said that the biggest loss that has been caused to Bangladesh through these killings has been a deep conspiracy to break the security system of Bangladesh. A deep conspiracy has been hatched to demoralize the army by killing our smart army officers.

At this time the government has to be removed through a united movement. Mirza Fakhrul called upon all to unite the political parties of all faiths and establish a people’s government by overthrowing the present government.

The BNP secretary general said the country’s independence and sovereignty were in jeopardy, adding that the root cause of the crisis was the lack of democracy in the country. Those in government have nothing to do with representation. They are not elected by the people. That is why we have repeatedly said that today a terrible fascist power is oppressing this country and depriving it of all human rights. That is why we need steel to build solid mass unity. By uniting all the political forces, by uniting the patriotic forces, we have to stand up against the terrible fascism. They must be defeated. In a real sense, a parliament and government representing the people must be established through elections through a neutral election commission under a neutral government.

The senior leader of the BNP demanded justice for those involved in the killing of army officers by expelling Mulhotas in the mutiny. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain.

The BNP leaders also questioned the activities of the Awami League leaders, criticizing some of the controversial decisions of the then Prime Minister during the former BDR mutiny.

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