Biden again called Putin a war criminal

US President Joe Biden has again accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of committing genocide in the Ukrainian city of Bucha.

On Monday, Biden addressed Putin, saying he was a war criminal. He must be brought to justice.

Joe Biden says the United States will impose more sanctions on Russia.

“You’ve seen what happened in Bucharest,” Biden said. Putin is a war criminal.

Biden also said that Russia would continue to provide arms to Ukraine to prevent further aggression.

“We have to provide them with the weapons they need to continue the war,” he said. Moreover, we need to gather all the information we need to try him (Putin) for war crimes.

Biden also called Putin a “heretic” and said that what was happening in Bucharest was cruel. Everyone has seen these.

Russia, meanwhile, has turned its attention to the Donbass province after failing to capture the capital, Kiev.

A U.S. military official told Reuters that Russia had sent two-thirds of its troops to Donbass.

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