Bomb: Fresh bombs found in village next to Bogtui, bombs kept in plastic bags

Fresh bombs were recovered from the village of Rampurhat in Birbhum. A number of bombs were recovered from Pabrokhia, a village near Bogtui, on Sunday. Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

On Sunday, 15 fresh bombs were recovered from Pabrokhia, a village near Bogtui. The bombs were placed in a plastic bag under the verandah of Saber Sheikh’s house in the village. Local residents saw the bombs and reported the matter to police. Upon receiving the news, the police of Rampurhat police station went to the spot and recovered the bombs. Besides, spices for making bombs were also recovered. Police cordoned off the area after the incident. The news was also given to the bomb squad.

Rampurhat police have started an investigation into the motive behind the bomb and the bomb-making spice. Besides, local residents are also being questioned.

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