Chargers’ Sebastian Joseph-Day accuses TSA agents of sexual assault

Los Angeles Chargers defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day has accused Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents of sexually assaulting him at California’s John Wayne Airport.

Joseph-Day opened up about the situation on Twitter on Friday.

“I was actually sexually assaulted by TSA at @JohnWayneAir. After I asked the Lord to please stop BC, I’m uncomfortable and feel this part of the check is unnecessary (after feeling what it was supposed to be). Then I was met by 3 TSA agents who told me I was the problem and then,” he wrote.

“I’m in favor of people doing their job well. But it was very necessary and dehumanizing. I travel a lot, for personal and work reasons. I have never experienced anything like this.

“And when I try to file a complaint, I’m jumping through hoops to do it.

“I’m not sharing this on Twitter for sympathy. I am sharing this so that this group of gentlemen and workers can never do this to another human being again.’

Los Angeles Chargers defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day said he was sexually assaulted by the TSA at John Wayne Airport. Getty Images

John Wayne Airport told Fox News Digital that it provided information about the alleged incident to the TSA.

“TSA is aware of allegations made by a passenger who was screened by TSA officers at John Wayne Orange County Airport on Friday morning,” the agency said in a statement to Fox News Digital. “We are looking into the matter to determine if our procedures were followed and if any corrective action should be taken.

“TSA remains committed to treating every passenger with dignity and respect while fulfilling their security screening duties.”

Sebastian Joseph-Day said he understood the TSA needed to do their job, but he thought that part of the check was unnecessary. Sebastian Joseph-Day said he understood the TSA had to do their job, but he felt some of the vetting he went through was unnecessary. Getty Images

Joseph-Day finished his first season with the Chargers in 2022. He had 56 tackles in 16 games in Los Angeles. He also had two sacks and an interception.

He spent the first three seasons of his career with the Los Angeles Rams, with whom he won a Super Bowl in 2021.

The Rams selected Joseph-Day in the sixth round of the 2018 draft over Rutgers.

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