Chris Nikic, first Ironman finisher with Down disorder, shares theory of 1% better

At the point when Chris Nikic, 22, begun composing his book, he accepted the way of thinking that permitted him to turn into the main individual with Down disorder to complete an Ironman marathon — steadily doing somewhat every day to arrive at his objectives.

“In anticipation of this, I would have Chris make noticed each day about our encounters. So we would catch the excursion and attempt to recall what all occurred,” Chis Nikic’s father, Nik Nikic, 60, of Maitland, Florida, told TODAY. “It is likewise us recording what we did and afterward talking about it and placing it into something that would be moving for others like Chris, different guardians like us. But on the other hand it’s useful, something individuals could use to assist them with beginning on a comparative arrangement.”

The outcome is “1% Better: Reaching My Full Potential and How You Can Too,” which Chris Nikic composed with Nik Nikic and Don Yaeger. The book diagrams how Chris Nikic handles preparing by doing somewhat more every day so he can accomplish extraordinary achievements, for example, the completing the Ironman or all the more as of late, the Boston Marathon.

“Improving — you need to buckle down,” Chris Nikic told TODAY.

That implies assuming he begins with 10 arrangements of 10 crunches, for instance, the following day he completes 11 sets. This assists him with building a decent establishment for preparing — and life — to assist him with achieving his fantasies. The extraordinary thing about it is that individuals can apply this mentality to exercise, work or accomplishing any of their own objectives.

“He generally does somewhat more or somewhat quicker each time,” Nik Nikic said. “It requires a ton of persistence to do the 1% … This is intended to be simple and long haul maintainable.”

While further developing each day is coordinated into Chris Nikic’s life, he and his father likewise center around appreciating life.

“We have an arrangement among us: He has a good time and I accomplish practically everything,” Nik Nikic said. “For his purposes, all of this is enjoyable.”

Ensuring that preparation is fun keeps Chris Nikic submitted. Completing an Ironman (a 2.4-mile swim in untamed water, a 112-mile bicycle ride and a full long distance race of 26.2 miles) in 17 hours requires long periods of devotion. The adoration for the excursion causes preparing to feel like a delight not a task.

“We talk about partaking in consistently. We talk about the accomplishment of 1% better, giving you an incitement that makes you amped up for all that you do,” Nik Nikic said.

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