Daily Swim Coach Workout #788

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Workout Context

Purpose:  Capacity (Base) Building
Target age group:  23+ years old
Target level:  Masters (Advanced), Masters (Intermediate), Masters (Beginner)
Weeks until target meet:  9 weeks
Team Location:  United States
Course:  25 Meters
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The Workout

Distance workout to build fitness for Masters, especially for open water or pool distance events.
Warm Up
    300 loosen choice
    100 choice kick :20R – build last 25
    200 choice as drill/swim by 25
    300 easy free with paddles only, focus on stable quiet head – option for SNORKEL

Main Set

    4 x 500 @:30-:40R, option to PULL any two of the four:
    [1 negative split: aerobic/high aerobic – maintain DPS]
    [2 all aerobic: focus on exhalation – steady, smooth, from nose only]
    [3 as 100 aerobic + 25 strong (kick and increase SPM), use aerobic 100s to recover and find good form]
    [4 as 100 strong + 100 high aerobic + 300 zen]

[COACHING NOTE – for swimmers not ready for 4 x 500, offer them 400s or 300s. Or they can do fewer 500’s – say only 3 out of 4.]

Cool Down, as much as possible until time ends
    300 as [25 NFC/75 Free]
    200 easy kick with fins
    100 choice loosen
Prime Aquatics, Alcoa, TN www.primeaq.com
Coach Lana Burl, Masters Coach
[email protected]
USMS, USA Swimming, USA Triathlon

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