Eight parties, including Japan, expressed doubts about the EVM

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Despite indications from the top echelons of government that electronic voting machines (EVMs) will be used in the upcoming national elections, the main opposition party in parliament, the Jatiya Party, opposes it. In an exchange of views with the Election Commission (EC), the Jatiya Party has made it clear that the country’s voters are not ready to vote in EVMs. Apart from the Jatiya Party, representatives of seven other registered parties raised various questions about EVMs in an exchange of views with the EC. They said that the doubts and mistrust that people have about EVMs have not gone away yet.

The EC held a meeting with political parties on Sunday afternoon at the Election Building in Agargaon. In the first round, 13 teams were invited. Of these, 10 teams took part. Despite being invited, Gana Forum, Krishak Sramik Janata League and Jatiya Party of Bangladesh (BJP) did not attend the meeting. The EC says it will hold meetings with 39 registered political parties in phases. The next meeting of the EC on EVM will be held on June 21. 13 parties including BNP and JSD will be invited to this meeting.

Besides Jatiya Party, Jatiya Party (JP), Bangladesh National Awami Party, Jaker Party, Bangladesh Muslim League, Gono Front, Bangladesh Jatiya Party (Dr. Matin), Bangladesh Nationalist Front (BNF), Nationalist Democratic Movement (NDM) and Bangladesh participated in the meeting. Congress.

Eight parties, including Japan, expressed doubts about the EVM

Jatiya Party (JPA) secretary general Mujibul Haque said the general public’s perception was that there was some other manipulation in the EVM. The bigger issue is that the voters of the country are not ready to vote in EVM. He said the Jatiya Party does not want to use EVMs in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The Secretary-General of Japan said that the fingerprints in the EVM do not match when voting. There is no reason not to trust EVM. But a public perception has been created about EVM, there is some manipulation in it, any special team can do ‘something’ in EVM.

JP general secretary Sheikh Shahidul Islam said in the meeting that it would not be right to impose EVM on people. He said it would not be right to use EVM in one center and ballot in another.

Atiqul Islam, a member of the standing committee of the Bangladesh Muslim League, said the general public considered the EVM to be a reliable instrument of ‘digital manipulation’.

After the exchange of views, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal told reporters that many people were positive about EVMs, while others said it would not be appropriate to use EVMs. But many issues of EVM were unknown to them, the experts of the Election Commission explained the issues to the representatives of the political parties.

Earlier in the meeting, BNF president SM Abul Kalam Azad had mentioned that the election had lost credibility. The problem, he said, is not in the EVM. The problem is that when voting is done, there are robbers in the polling booth. The robbers must be removed. This is the big problem of elections.

Major General Sultanuzzaman, managing director of Bangladesh Mission Tools Factory, who was present at the meeting after the BNF president’s statement. Saleh Uddin said, ‘The question you raised, if there is another, there is nothing to do with the EVM. That is the problem with the management system. ‘

Also present at the meeting was Election Commissioner Brigadier General (Retd.) Md. Ahsan Habib Khan, Rasheda Sultana and Md. Alamgir, EC Secretary. Humayun Kabir Khandaker and Chairman of the Army Welfare Organization Major General Mohammad Saidul Islam.

Atiqur Rahman, a member of the Japar Presidium, questioned why EVMs were being used in Bangladesh when countries around the world were boycotting them. Many countries have boycotted EVMs, including the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Malaysia, and Venezuela. The UK, meanwhile, thinks EVMs are an obstacle to democracy.

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