Everyone thought I was going to be a mother: Mahi

After marrying Gazipur businessman Kamruzzaman Sarkar, the heroine Mahiya Mahi has become interested in business herself. Mahi is going to start a restaurant called ‘Farishta’ at the beginning of Ramadan. 

This name also has a greatness. He said that if Mahi ever becomes the mother of a girl, then her name will also be Farishta. 

Mahi said he was opening a three-storey restaurant on the main road at Gazipur crossroads. There will be a variety of local and foreign food. There will be an opportunity to chat on the rooftop. 

“I have been silent for a long time,” Mahi said. Everyone thought I was going to be a mother. I was actually busy working on this restaurant.

Mahi said his restaurant was named ‘Farishta’. Taran is one of my favorite names. If I ever become the mother of a girl, I will name her Farishta. However, she also said that there is no possibility of becoming a mother at present.

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