‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ meets ‘Yellowstone’ meets ‘The Bachelor’: ‘It’s as American as America’

Paramount Network’s hit series “Yellowstone” has many women looking for their Rip Wheeler or Kayce Dutton, and now FOX’s new reality dating series “Farmer Wants a Wife” may give them that chance.

The show, which originated in the UK and is broadcast in 32 countries, features four real-life farmers and ranchers looking for the right woman to live on the farm.

“Yellowstone” also meets “The Bachelor,” as women compete for the hearts of four American men.

Fox News Digital spoke with farmers looking for love, Hunter Grayson, Ryan Black, Allen Foster and Landon Heaton, ahead of the show’s premiere, to get their perspective on how the two shows compare and the appeal of becoming a part of the farm lifestyle. .

From left to right, Hunter Grayson, Ryan Black, Landon Heaton and Allen Foster star in “Farmer Wants a Wife.” (Michael Becker/FOX)


“I think cowboys connect with nature,” Black said of the appeal of cowboys and farming. “They connect with the earth, they connect with the animals. I mean, that’s who we are. And I think nature itself has an appeal, like God said, take care of the earth, you know, take care of it. animals, like Noah’s Ark. It’s like a universal thing.”

“It’s as American as America gets,” Foster added. “And, you know, I think ‘Yellowstone’ does a good job of explaining that from 1883 to 1923. It’s as iconic as anything in America. And, you know, we cowboys have been around all this time, and we’re. still here. And, you know, still We’re at the heart of America, I think.”

“… We’ve been cowboys all this time, and we’re still here. And, you know, we’re still in the heart of America.”

—Allen Foster

Although, as Heaton noted, “it’s getting harder and harder to be (a cowboy).

In preview clips for the show, the women mention that they’re looking for something different in the dating scene.


A woman from Orlando, Florida, describes her hometown as “very dating culture.”

Another says: “Farmers are known to be kind, honest and hard-working people. And that’s the type of person you want to raise a family with.”

In a press release from FOX, the show is described as follows: “The women will leave behind dating apps and the search for love in the ‘big city’ in favor of classic American courtship. Farmers will take their team of partners to their farm and show them what it’s really like to live as a rancher: from tending the farm to feeding the cattle and harvesting hay. love?”

A total of 32 women will try to win the heart of the farmers "The farmer wants a wife."

A total of 32 women will try to win the heart of the farmers in “The farm wants a wife”. (FOX)

Grayson said he believes the COVID-19 pandemic sparked interest in moving to more rural areas.

“You know, people were trying to get out of the cities, and they were looking for that connection to the land,” the farmer told Fox News Digital. “And we’ve seen such growth and development in rural America where these small towns start to grow a little bit. And so people want to get that connection back to their roots. And, you know, they don’t necessarily want to be confined within the concrete walls of the city. . And I think that’s giving people more of a window into that escape and the potential of something there in the future.”

The farming/ranching/cowboy lifestyle requires adaptation.

“It’s difficult at best,” Foster admitted. “You know, you have great days where things go well for us ranchers… But most of the time, you have these things, not to be a Debbie Downer, but most of the time things don’t go the way you planned. And you know that’s something that has to be adjusted, and that that you have to overcome. And I think a strong and willing partner is a big part of that.”

Allen Foster meets one of the women who is interested in becoming his partner "The farmer wants a wife."

Allen Foster meets one of the women who is interested in becoming his partner in “Farmer Wants a Wife”. (FOX)

He continued: “As men, we wear a lot of that stress and heartache on our heads. And we probably trust ourselves more often than we should. And I think a fine, strong woman can, you know, say, okay, we’ll try again tomorrow.” . That goes a long way. You know, it doesn’t have to fix everything or make everything better just to say, ‘Hey, I’m with you, and whatever, things are going to be okay.'”


Black summed it up in one word: understanding. “That’s all,” he declared. “We don’t want a woman to fix things. That’s not a manly way to move. We, when we’re frustrated, we only want to understand when we want some understanding.”

Country music star and actress Jennifer Nettles hosts the series, acting as the romantic guide.


“I call myself the fairy godmother,” she said in an interview with USA Today. “This is not their world at all, and the romance atmosphere can be quite uncomfortable, too. So I encourage them. Sometimes I have to say, like, ‘Let’s go, attaboy’ or ‘Well, little dog, let’s make those connections.'” .

Sugarland member and actress Jennifer Nettles hosts "The farmer wants a wife."

Sugarland member and actress Jennifer Nettles presents “Farmer Wants a Wife.” (John Shearer/FOX)

Nettles also noted that there are major differences on this dating show, despite its comparison to “The Bachelor.”

“Most of them aren’t used to farm life,” Nettles added. “So for them to come and say, ‘Am I ready to change my lifestyle like this? Is this a lifestyle I’m interested in?’ It’s a very specific culture.”

With the lifestyle change and romance in mind, the question of course is: have any of the farmers found wives on the show?

“Stay tuned to find out!” Grayson teased.


“Farmer Wants a Wife” premieres at 9:00 PM on FOX

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