Former NFL player Stanley Wilson’s family says he was beaten by police before his death

Stanley Wilson Jr. The former NFL player’s family believes he was beaten by police before his sudden death last month at a state mental health facility in Los Angeles County.

Wilson Jr.’s family filed the claims against L.A. County on Tuesday, a month after their loved one died at Metropolitan State Hospital after being transferred from the county jail, according to a report.

Photos show the former Detroit Lions cornerback was a victim of excessive force by LA law enforcement before he was killed on Feb. 1 at the age of 40, his family’s attorney claimed at a press conference, TMZ Sports reported.

Photographs of Wilson Jr.’s head injuries show he was kicked or stomped on, while images of bandage marks on his wrist indicate he was restrained during the alleged attack, attorney John Carpenter said.

Stanley Wilson Jr. collapsed and died suddenly at a state mental health facility in Los Angeles County. Getty Images

Wilson Jr.’s grieving mother, Dr. D. Pulane Lucas, said the county notified Wilson Jr. that he collapsed and fell off a chair before dying in a mental hospital.

He said at the press conference that he wanted to know whether proper protocols were followed after his death and whether he received immediate help when he was in distress.

When asked by a reporter if the unruly man was beaten by law enforcement, Carpenter replied, “Based on the way Stanley’s body was returned to his parents, it appears he was restrained at the time of death,” according to TMZ footage. .

Detroit Lions' Stanley Wilson (31) celebrates on the field during a game against the Dallas Cowboys on December 31, 2006 in Irving, Texas.Stanley Wilson Jr. of the Detroit Lions. (31) celebrates on the field during a game against the Dallas Cowboys on December 31, 2006 in Irving, Texas. Getty Images

“You can tell from the ligature marks on her wrist that it was and she had fresh wounds on her forehead that looked like they were caused by a shoe and so that’s very contrary to what we’ve been told by the county about the circumstances of her death,” Carpenter continued.

The family is seeking more than $45 million in damages, with Carpenter arguing in court filings that the county “misrepresented the cause and circumstances of Stanley Wilson Jr.’s death,” TMZ reports.

Carpenter said the family has not yet received an autopsy report on the case.

Wilson Jr. He was a third-round pick of the Lions in 2005 and pitched for two seasons before suffering a career-ending rupture of his Achilles in a preseason game against the New York Giants in 2008.

After his short stint in the NFL, Stanley has been in trouble with the law many times.After his short stint in the NFL, Stanley Wilson Jr. has been in trouble with the law many times. Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

Some of Stanley Wilson's arrests have stemmed from home invasions and vandalism.Some of Stanley Wilson Jr.’s arrests — seen here in 2017 — have stemmed from home invasions and vandalism. Marion County Sheriff’s Office

He has had previous legal troubles dating back to 2016, including arrests related to home invasions.

He was arrested this year after the police accused him of vandalism last August.

He is accused of breaking into a Hollywood Hills home where he allegedly took a bath in an outdoor fountain and ransacked the property, TMZ reported at the time.

He was later determined to be incompetent to stand trial, which landed him in the hospital.

Wilson played four seasons at Stanford University before making the jump to the NFL.

Lucas, Wilson Jr.’s mother, said her son was optimistic about his future, despite being in custody. He said his mental illness led him to do shameful things.

“But he still believed that he could become a role model for those who were and are facing similar situations,” he said at the press conference.

Wilson Jr. Stanley Wilson Sr. He was the son of a former Bengals quarterback.

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