Hero Alam wants Deepika, surprised Indian media

He is always at the top of the discussion. Sometimes acting, sometimes singing, sometimes reciting poetry. He even made the national election from his own area! He is one of the most discussed and controversial names in Bangladesh. Yes, you got it right.

I am talking about Hero Alam. Hero Alam, who is at the top of the discussion in one activity after another, is again in the headlines! Hero Alam recently told about a dream of his own. Which surprised everyone. Alam has surprised not only the fans of the country, but also the fans from abroad. Recently, this Bangladeshi actor went to Samsherganj, Murshidabad, India. He attended an event with girlfriend Rhea Moni. The YouTuber was overwhelmed by the love of the audience present at the event. Thousands of people gathered to see this star of Bangladesh. Hero Alam got excited with the love of the fans there.

Hero Alam, who was proud to receive the love of two Bengals, thanked the Indian fans. He also said that he wants to act in Indian movies. This is his dream. But his condition is only one, Deepika! He says he wants Deepika Padukone. He will only work in Indian films if Deepika is cast opposite him. Because this is his long cherished dream. His comments shocked everyone present on the show. Even the Indian media persons present there were quite surprised to hear about his wish. Several popular magazines in India have also reported about him.

Hero Alam, a businessman and cable operator, has now achieved stardom. Ever since he got stardom, he has been in controversy. The actor has been widely ridiculed online for his various activities. He was also served a legal notice earlier this year for misrepresenting various songs, including Rabindra Sangeet, recently in the form of music videos. Several allegations have been made against him including uttering distorted and impure Bengali words. However, Hero Alam admitted that he will try to improve the quality of his songs and performances for his followers. Recently he surprised his fans by reciting poetry.

Interestingly, not many people know that Hero Alam was among the top 10 most searched topics on Google in 2018 from Bangladesh.

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