Injured teacher says, ‘I will never forgive the police’

Teacher Arnulfo Reyes was injured in a recent gun attack at Rob Elementary School in Texas, USA. In an interview with ABC News, he described the horrors of the day. He alleged that the police were late in taking action that day. He described the police as ‘cowards’. He said he would never forgive them for this incident. News from the BBC.

On May 24, a gunman attacked Rob Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. 21 people were killed in this incident. Among them 19 students and 2 teachers. Many were injured in the incident.

Reyes has been teaching at Rob Elementary School for 18 years. He was teaching in a classroom at the time of the May 24 attack. He was showing a movie to the students. Teacher Reyes said he told his students to hide under a table when they learned a gunman had attacked the school. He told them to pretend to be dead. However, the gunman entered a classroom next door and started firing.

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At least 19 students and two teachers were killed in an attack on Rob Elementary School
Reyes was shot at that time. He pretended to be dead and lay down as he had taught the students. As he lay beside his desk, he could sense the presence of police. Police arrived at the scene within minutes of the attack.

However, the police took more than an hour to enter the classroom and take action and kill the attacker. Speaking on ABC News’ Good Morning America program, Reyes said: “I’ve been praying that none of my students would talk. He assumed that his life would not be saved.

Another student from another classroom said, Officer we are here, we are here. But by then they (police) are gone. Then he (the killer) got up from behind my desk and went there (next room) and started firing again. ‘

After the various types of confrontational information came, the police said that their members had entered 5 minutes after the gunman’s attack. Euvalde police have been widely criticized for delaying action.

Reyes said at the time of the incident, it appeared the police had abandoned them. Angered at the police, he said, “There is no excuse for what they have done. I will never forgive them. ‘

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Attack in Texas: Cerillo, 11, was lying on the ground pretending to be dead with blood on his body
Reyes said 11 students were killed in the classroom he was in and the adjoining classroom. “You had a bulletproof vest,” he told police. I had nothing. ‘

The students were desperately calling the emergency services number (911) during the attack. They said several people had been shot. Concerned parents were trying to get inside. The police prevented them from entering.

Investigators say messages from the 911 children did not reach police at the scene. Police officers on the scene were waiting for more equipment to arrive.

Concerned officials say the police idea was wrong. They thought the situation had changed. The gunman was trapped inside. They thought they had enough time to prepare themselves.

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