Is Netanyahu returning to power in Israel?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli lawmakers have dissolved parliament and voted in favor of new elections. A preliminary bill was unanimously passed in the Knesset on Wednesday.

A final bill to dissolve parliament could be issued next week. If it passes, the country will hold its fifth election in just three years. And that election could pave the way for former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to return to power.

Following the dissolution of Parliament, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will step down. He will be replaced by the current foreign minister, moderate leader Yar Lapid. He will serve as the head of the interim government. Bennett and Lapid formed the alliance in June last year amid two years of political instability in Israel.

Netanyahu had to step down as prime minister 12 years after the Bennett-Lapid alliance came to power. Currently, Israeli opposition leader Netanyahu is happy with the Bennett government’s decision. He continues to campaign vigorously. He called the government the worst in Israel’s history.

He also spoke of forming a government for the sixth time by removing the minority government. Public opinion polls also speak in his favor. In four polls released on Tuesday, Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party and its potential allies, the nationalist and right-wing parties, are leading the polls. However, they have fewer seats than the 120 required to win a majority in the Knesset. However, right-wing and moderate parties in the current coalition government have called for action to prevent Netanyahu’s return.

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