Long time dust on one and a half thousand books

There is a layer of dust on the book

Take care like a son, bind like an enemy’

The people in charge do not seem to have bothered with manuscripts. If money is allocated after the project is passed, efforts will be made to digitize it as soon as possible. For the time being, it has been instructed to clean with light air every morning. In the present condition of the manuscripts, it is not possible to open and clear. Whatever is there will be wasted. ‘

It was learned from the news that the dust of the books was dusted with feathers only on the occasion of special occasion. There are also allegations of inefficient cleaning by the construction workers of the academy. The manuscripts are wrapped in a 1974 magazine. The ink of the old magazine is stuck on some of them. This room of Burdwan House is full.

There is no temperature control system except for a few ceiling fans. But a ‘de-humidifier’ or humidity control device is mandatory, the price of which is less than one lakh rupees. Not until a vacuum cleaner. As soon as you get out of the archives, the toilet is three hands away on the right hand side. The whole place stays damp for 12 months.

half thousand books

The book sub-division is under the control of the research sub-division under the section ‘Research, Compilation, Dictionary and Encyclopedia’. According to the rules, the project proposal was supposed to be made by the director of the department, but it was made by the director of the department of ‘translation, textbook and international communication’. Hasan Kabir. In this context, in the first light, he said, “Even though I am not in charge, looking at the condition of the book recently, it seems that nothing can be saved from this precious history of the Middle Ages without taking initiative now.” Therefore, on the advice of the director general, the project proposal has to take the responsibility of the work.

a long-standing proverb about a book. It is true that there is a red shawl tied to prevent the entry of air, but about one and a half thousand manuscripts in the collection of Bangla Academy have been completely destroyed due to carelessness.

Most of the 1,538 manuscripts in this collection are in critical condition. Abdul Mannan, the only employee in charge of maintenance, said readers came looking for more Padmavati and Nurnama books. Although Padmavati’s condition is somewhat better, Nurnama is in its last days. The shelf of steel sheets and wooden cupboards are cluttered with red shawls. Inside are scraps of paper that have been pressed using hardboard or wood. Most manuscripts do not have the condition to turn over. Every step is a triumph of long-standing dirt and fungus.

A project proposal worth Tk 22.5 crore has been sent to the Ministry of Culture with a plan to decipher, preserve and digitize the script. The academy authorities think that there will be no progress on this project before June 2023. So what is the system of conservation during this period? Director General of Bangla Academy Muhammad Nurul Huda told Prothom Alo, “The situation has got worse in the last 10-15 years.

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