People cry over gas and electricity crisis, at government festival: Rizvi

Advocate Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, senior joint secretary general of the BNP, said that people were crying because of the lack of gas and electricity. He said yesterday was the first fast and there was no gas in different areas of the capital on that day.

He made the remarks at a press conference at the party’s central office in Naya Paltan on Monday afternoon.

Criticizing the government, the BNP leader said that they (the government) have joined the festival. The Prime Minister himself is present while the artists are dancing and singing. And the people of the country are not eating half-time, they have to not eat. They do not look for any of these. Meanwhile, an atmosphere of famine is being created in the country due to not paying attention.

Rizvi said devout Muslims could not make iftar due to lack of gas. The people of the country are in trouble. The government does not flinch. Just shouting development is development. And people are crying because of gas-electricity-water problems in the country.

He said that even in the month of Ramadan, there is no pair of Awami League leaders and activists to lie. They talk about electricity. Inaugurating a few power plants, the Prime Minister said, “We have provided electricity to every house.” They did not deliver the light but gave the darkness. They cannot do any good to the people as they are anti-people government.

Condemning the injustice done to the people of the country, he said, “People have to take to the streets against this government.”

Also present at the press conference were BNP Volunteer Secretary Mir Sarafat Ali Sapu, Co-Organizing Secretary Advocate Abdus Salam Azad and others.

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