Prime Minister’s instructions for food grain stock, quality improvement

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has ordered the use of foreign technology if necessary to improve the quality of food along with stocking food grains. He gave this instruction in the meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC).  

The meeting was held on Tuesday (November 22) at the NEC conference room in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar under the chairmanship of Prime Minister and ECNEC Chairperson Sheikh Hasina. The concerned ministers and secretaries were present in the meeting.

After the meeting, Planning Minister MA Mannan gave details in the press conference.  


Highlighting the instructions of the Prime Minister, the Planning Minister said that it is not enough to produce only crops. Besides, the quality of food grains should be maintained. It should be stored in such a way that the nutritional quality of food grains is correct. If necessary, the Prime Minister has ordered to use foreign technology. Along with this, the head of government has also given instructions not to do any work that harms the environment.

The minister said that the prime minister said that the canals should not be filled while implementing the project. Dhaka’s canals must be maintained in any project implementation. Apart from this, he also instructed not to acquire unnecessary land in the project. Apart from this, the issue of repeated extension of the project should be monitored.

The planning minister expressed his opinion about the escape of the militant from the court and said that what happened is not acceptable. As a result of this incident, people are worried. For this we need to work more with the projects in the prisons.  

He said eight projects have been approved in the Eknek meeting. 4 thousand 826 crore 21 lakh taka will be spent on the implementation of the approved projects. Out of this, 2 thousand 341 crore rupees will be available from government funds, 2 thousand 207 crore rupees will be available from foreign loans and 278 crore rupees will be received from the organization’s own funds.

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