Residents of 3 unions panicked when the embankment collapsed in Asashuni

Cracks and cracks have appeared in several places of embankments constructed by Water Development Board (Division-II) in Sriula, Anulia and Pratapnagar Unions of Asashuni Upazila of Satkhira. This has caused panic among the residents of the villages of those three unions.

Hurricane Ampan hit on 20 May 2020 and Yas hit Hurricane Yas on 23 May 2021. The Water Development Board (Paubo) dam broke and 18 of the 19 villages in Pratapnagar Union and 21 villages in Sriula Union were submerged in the Kholpetua river. Although it was not damaged in Yase, the dam in Ampane broke and submerged 16 out of 16 villages in Anulia Union. As a result, thousands of people in these villages became homeless. After nearly a year and a half, Paubo closed the ring last November to handle the situation. After that the river water stopped flowing in the locality. But many of these villagers have not yet returned to their homes. In this situation, the villagers are spending their days in panic as new collapses and cracks have appeared in the embankment.

The water level of Khalpetua river rose by three to four feet at high tide last Saturday afternoon. This caused a sudden collapse of the embankment south of the Kokbasia ferry. Abul Kalam, a resident of Punijala village in Sriula Union, said the 60-75 feet dam collapsed in half an hour and took on dangerous proportions. At this time, by announcing from the microphone of the mosque, everyone was urged to come forward to protect the collapse and crack of the dam. Later, under the leadership of local chairman Dipankar Bachar, the dam was repaired at the voluntary ashram. Even though water has not entered the locality till now, the locals are spending their days in panic.

The same situation is with the embankment of Nayakhali area of ​​Anulia Union. Abdus Samad of Nayakhali village said cracks appeared in some places of the embankment in the area on Saturday. On Sunday, local people, led by local UP chairman Ruhul Quddus and UP member Alauddin Gazi, repaired the dam at the voluntary ashram.
Apart from this, several places of the dam in Kurikaunia area of ​​Pratapnagar Union have become dangerous due to the flood waters of Kholpetua river.

Shriula UP chairman Dipankar Bachar said he had tried to repair landslides and cracks at several places on the embankment in the Punijala area with the help of villagers. However, if the water level in the river is high, it will be difficult to protect this dangerous dam. He called on the Paubo authorities to repair the dam quickly.

Satkhira Paubor (Division-II) Executive Engineer Shamim Hussain Mahmud said he had visited the risky dam areas of Sriula, Anulia and Kurikaunia. A state of emergency has been declared in those areas. Work to repair the dam will start in 7 to 10 days.

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