SEAN HANNITY: We’re entering a dangerous new era in America

Fox News host Sean Hannity previewed what it might look like next week in former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial.

SEAN HANNITY: We have new details on Alvin Bragg’s reprehensible political witch hunt. According to our sources, Bragg demanded that Donald Trump turn himself in today, less than 24 hours after the grand jury voted unfairly to indict him. But due to security concerns, the trial will not take place until next week, probably Tuesday evening. Donald Trump will be booked. He will be fingerprinted. The border will come out. The media mob will get the picture they want so badly. Now, my gut tells me that my friend, my colleague Pete Hegseth, who was there last time, will prove me right. That photo will end up on more t-shirts and hats that say MAGA and Trump 2024. He will also appear before Judge Juan Merchan, who, by the way, is the same judge accused of railroading the former Trump CEO. the organization Now, according to Trump, quote: “The judge assigned to my witch hunt case hates me” Now at this point, would you expect anything less? This is not a criminal case. This is a political hatchet. And by the way, there will be no solution, according to a source close to President Trump. He intends to fight to the end.


The first step will undoubtedly be a motion to dismiss all charges immediately, for three different reasons. We’ll go over this tonight with our lawyers during the program. One, a flawed legal theory. We don’t know the exact charges, but what Bragg is allegedly doing is trying to charge the FEC with a misdemeanor crime that has never been committed and may not even be legal in itself. Second thing, Trump’s lawyers will probably argue that the case is beyond the statute of limitations, which it is. After all, there is a two-year statute of limitations on charges related to mislabeling documents. Now, the third ground for dismissal is prosecutorial misconduct. Here you have the DA in charge of charges. His name is Alvin Bragg. He pledged during the campaign to go after a man, Donald Trump, a family, the Trump family, an organization, the Trump organization. Now, I guess this all smacks of party politics, doesn’t it?


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