Shakira announces separation with Pique

Shakira announces separation with Pique

Shakira announces separation with Pique. Starting with ‘Waka Waka’, ending with ‘Te Felicito’? A few days ago, a new hit gun came from pop artist Shakira. In the line of this song, the Colombian singer has spoken about the pride of her cheating boyfriend. He said, don’t give up after this cheating. That is what he showed in reality. Today, Shakira has announced her separation from Barcelona defender Gerard Pique.

Singing at the 2010 World Cup, they met Pique, then lived under one roof for an era. In the last bitterness of that relationship. Shakira is not willing to maintain her relationship with him because of Pik’s infidelity.

Earlier in the day, Shakira announced her separation in an official statement. A statement from his spokesman said, “We are sorry to hear that we have decided to divorce.” According to the Spanish news agency EFO, Shakira and PK have decided to separate today.


A statement from Shakira’s office said, “Sadly, we have decided to part ways. Our children are the most important thing to us, we call on them to show respect for our personal affairs for their good. Thank you all for understanding. ‘

Shakira announces separation with Pique

Discussions about personal matters have already taken place. PK and Shakira have been rumored in the Spanish media for three or four days now. PK cheated with the 45-year-old Colombian singer. Involved in a relationship with another woman. He is also trying to find out the identity of the woman. Although the name has not been revealed, the woman is in her twenties, what is her hair color and what is her profession – all these have become known to the football fans. Shakira announces separation with Pique

The news that PK had to leave the house as Shakira found out about this relationship has also become old. The 35-year-old PK is living alone in a house in Barcelona, ​​leaving his family home. It was also said yesterday that PK was busy partying outside till two or three at night. He has friends. Club mate Ricky Pucho or Pique’s reckless night-life partner.

PK and Shakira never turned their 12-year relationship into a marriage. However, they have two children. The eldest son Milan is 9 years old and Sasha is 8 years old. Shakira announces separation with Pique.

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