Smile on the faces of mango farmers in the unseasonal rains

Chapainawabganj district received 22 mm of rain on Sunday night after nearly two months. This unseasonal rain has brought relief to the minds of mango and boro paddy farmers. The last rain before that was on 5 February.

Mokhlesur Rahman, chief scientific officer of the Regional Horticultural Research Center (Mango Research Center), said the rains would act as a tonic for the mango tree. After the rain of the night, the day has become sunny, so it has become golden. Just as the roots of the mango tree got water, so did the dust of the whole tree. Hopper insects have also been removed. Getting water in the stem will prevent falling.

Shimganj Upazila mango farmer Shamim Khan is also happy with the rain. He said, this time the buds are less. Shibganj, the largest area of ​​mango, also has low yield. Mango buds were falling due to long drought. Due to this the sale of the garden was stopped. But during this time the trade started. There was a lot of rain on Sunday night. Now the garden trade will start. For this reason, this rain has brought relief to the minds of mango farmers.

Ahsan Habib, another mango farmer from Shibganj, said preparations were being made for irrigation in the mango orchard due to the long drought. He said that no more irrigation will be required due to this rain. Mango farmers have also benefited economically from this. It seems that raindrops have fallen on the mango tree.

Mango farmer Durul Hoda of Barind area has expressed his excitement over the rain. He said it would cost him a lot of money to irrigate. Survived that.

Tunu Pahan, 45, of Nachol upazila in Chapainawabganj, is the operator of a deep tube well of Barind village of Barind Development Authority (BMDA). He said in the first light, ‘Who will get water in the boro paddy land first, there was a hustle and bustle among the farmers. In the empty Hummer Depot (deep tube well), the situation was the same in all the nearby depots. Now it is time to top the paddy. Water is very necessary. At this time in the water of the sky that was good! I am thinking of living. ‘

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