Sreelekha: Torture of Sarmeyas in the name of training! Srilekha lodged a complaint in the name of Soumyajit

Once again Sarab Srilekha Mitra. Again he is beside Sarmey. According to a post by director-actor Tathagata Mukherjee, Soumyajit Biswas carried out unspeakable torture on helpless animals in the name of training. In the area, he is known as a trainer in the net. The director-actress lodged a complaint against him at Patuli police station. He told Anandabazar Online that he had contacted the police on phone on Wednesday. The police have taken his complaint. He will go to the police station on Thursday.

On Tuesday, director-actor Tathagata Mukherjee shared a glimpse on Facebook. It was seen that Soumyajit was beating the dogs during the training. If you don’t want to lift the handkerchief on your face, you are forcibly putting the handkerchief on your face. If you don’t want to take training due to fear, you are also putting pressure on the dogs.

After watching the video, Srilekha got angry. He immediately shared it on his page. The rest of the net users also continue to criticize the inhumanity of the trainer. Soon after, he shared Soumyajit’s Facebook profile on his page and wrote, ‘Get to know this devil known as Sarmey Trainer!’

In Srilekha’s words, “Despite the allegations, there is considerable doubt as to how much importance the administration will give to the matter. I live on the violin. The residents of the house threatened to kill my pets by poisoning them. I went to Haridebpur police station to lodge a complaint. The administration did not find! I will also lodge a complaint against this police station. So he will go to Patuli police station on Thursday. The actress’s regrets, sarmeya, no one cares about the street animals. Day after day they are oppressed. After that, if they get angry and bite someone, then the animals are to blame.

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