‘Supporting Argentina is always a risk’

Saudi Arabia has created one of the biggest incidents in World Cup history by stunning one of the favorites Argentina. Such a defeat of the beloved team has touched the former captain of the Bangladesh cricket team, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza. “Supporting Argentina is always a risk,” he said.

Argentina took the lead in the first half at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar. However, in the second half, Saudi Arabia took the lead with a gap of 5 minutes. Lionel Messi could not come back for the rest of the match.

After the match, a disappointed Mashrafe wrote on his Facebook profile, ‘Supporting Argentina is always a risk, but there is nothing to do. This party should be supported.’

In the first match, it became very difficult for Argentina to lose to opponents like Saudi Arabia. Mashrafe thinks that the defense is the problem for Argentina, ‘maybe we have to withdraw from the group stage, this is nothing new. But their defensive look came out once again.’

Mashrafe also believes that nothing ‘worse’ can be expected than a draw with the 51st ranked team Saudi Arabia. After the second goal, Argentina could not come back even though they got some time in the match. This is also the ‘nature’ of this team, Mashrafe said, ‘Argentina can never come back like others, proved once again. Can’t repay the goal even with 50 minutes in hand, where the other team would have won or drawn the match if they had been in that position. Argentina is never a good team under pressure.’

This is Messi’s last chance to win the World Cup, so are the hopes of Argentina fans. But Mashrafe is a little disappointed after such a loss, ‘That’s why never expect anything big from their game. The team has entered the brain, so I am with the team no matter what. Good luck for the next match.’

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