Supreme Court abortion ruling touches off second day of raucous protests nationwide

There appeared to be no let-up Saturday as people angered by the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade hit the streets for a second day of mass protests.

From Washington, D.C., where the conservatives on the court Friday swept aside a half-century of precedent to do away with the law, all the way to the West Coast, there were angry, raucous protests against a ruling that almost immediately made access to abortions all-but-impossible in half the country.

Those protests were, at times, met with counter-protests by anti-abortion activists elated by the ruling and determined to stop abortions from happening everywhere in the United States.

Outside the Supreme Court building, a group of protesters chanting “Women’s rights are human rights” confronted a preacher who had waded into the mix and appeared to be trying to drown them out.

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