That dialogue of ‘Pushpa’ in the answer sheet of Madhyamik

A few days ago, the southern Indian movie ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ took India by storm. There is a lot of fuss about movie songs and dialogues.

In particular, two dialogues are going on in the mouths of movie lovers, including Allu Arjun’s ‘Flower Nehi, Fire Who My’, ‘Pushpa, Pushpa Raj, Apun Jhukega Nehi Shala’.

After that Rajmouli’s ‘RRR’ came and passed Pushpa but it is understood in one incident that its resh has not been cut yet.

The swag of ‘Pushpa’ came up in the answer sheet of a candidate in the West Bengal Secondary Examination.

In the northern place, the examinee wrote the famous dialogue of the film ‘Pushpa’ – ‘Pushpa, Pushpa Raj. You are a jhukega nehi shala. ‘

But here that examinee has brought a little change. He wrote ‘Likhega’ (I will not write) instead of ‘Jhukega’.

In other words, the secondary examinee has explained through copying Pushpar’s dialogue that no matter how hard he tries, I will not write anything in the notebook.

Although the people concerned are upset about the matter, that writing of the viral examinee in Netdunia.

Although the authenticity of this viral image is not yet known.

According to Indian media, schools and colleges in India were closed for a long time due to Corona. There was no secondary examination for two years. Even after taking the secondary examination this time, the examiners put their hands on their heads after seeing all the strange answer sheets. It is heard that the examiners have found all the books so that not a single word is written. Many of them have copied the question papers and written in the answer sheets. But this dialogue of ‘Pushpa’ has surprised everyone.

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