The fire did not go out in 24 hours and there was a danger of another container explosion

The smell of corpses is wafting in the air, the sky of Sitakunda in Chittagong is getting heavy even at night due to the crying of relatives. Even though 24 hours have already passed, the terrible fire that started last night has not been extinguished yet. The BM container depot at Sitakunda in Chittagong is still burning. Fire control work has been stopped due to a fire in a container. Because there is a danger that the container may explode at any time after coming in contact with the chemical.

Concerned parties say it is the biggest fire in the history of the country. The speed of the fire and the number of casualties is also huge. Besides, those who went ahead to put out the fire have succumbed to the blast. The bodies of four of those firefighters have not yet been found.

On Sunday (June 5) at around 10 pm, it was seen on the spot that several vehicles of the fire service and firefighters were ready but the fire control work was stopped. According to the fire service, several containers are still on fire. There are chemicals in the container just below the burning container.

Abul Saleh, a firefighter, told Jago News: “Now our team is ready to control the fire, but the control work is stopped due to a fire in a burning container.” All kinds of preparations have been made to prevent the fire from spreading. Fire control work will resume as soon as the chemical container is burnt.

Another firefighter, speaking on condition of anonymity, said 12 members of our fire service were killed trying to control a fire in a chemical container. 15 people were injured. There is still a chemical container burning that could cause another casualty if it explodes.

Meanwhile, the death toll from the horrific explosion and fire at the depot has risen to 49, said Dr. Civil Surgeon in Chittagong. Elias Chowdhury. However, Chittagong Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Mominur Rahman said 45 people had been killed and 173 injured in the accident so far.

A fire broke out at BM Container Depot in Sonaichhari area of ​​Sitakunda on Saturday (June 4) at around 9 pm. While working on fire control, a container containing chemicals exploded with a loud noise. More than four hundred people were injured. They include depot workers, local residents as well as members of the police and fire service.

Most of the injured were brought to Chittagong Medical College Hospital at night. Besides, many were admitted to other hospitals in Chittagong. Several died at the hospital.

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