The gas crisis could be normal tomorrow

Due to repairs at the Bibiana Gas Field in Nabiganj, Habiganj, Asia’s largest gas well, gas extraction at six wells has been suspended temporarily. There is a risk of gas crisis due to low gas supply in the country’s national grid.

However, Chevron authorities at the Bibiana gas field have expressed hope that gas extraction will be normal from Tuesday.

According to multiple sources in the Bibiana gas field, repairs to the gas well’s transmission line are carried out at different times of the year to increase gas transmission. Following this, repair work on 8 wells started from last Sunday morning. This stopped the extraction of several crores of cubic feet of gas. Due to this, there was a crisis in the supply of gas to the national grid in the country. If the repairs are not completed soon, the gas crisis in the country is likely to escalate further.

In this regard, Sheikh Zahidur Rahman, Communication Manager of Chevron Bangladesh engaged in Bibiana Gas Field, said that repair work of 8 wells of Bibiana Gas Field has been going on since Sunday. This has caused some disruption in gas extraction. We hope the repair work will be completed by Tuesday and the lift will return to normal.

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