The Information Minister said that BNP’s mass location program is a hoax

Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Joint General Secretary of Awami League. Hasan Mahmud commented that BNP’s January 11 mass-location program was a shambles and said that this is evident from their rally, not to mention the people, not all BNP workers participated there.

While interacting with reporters at the secretariat on Thursday afternoon, he said that yesterday, BNP and their like-minded parties held a sit-in program in Dhaka city and they have raised a lot of slogans for a few days.

He also said, ‘You know that ducks quack a lot before laying eggs and finally lay an egg. BNP also made a lot of noise about yesterday’s program and at the end it was seen that all the leaders and workers of 52 parties gathered hundreds of people and BNP’s rally had hundreds of people. The empty jug sounds more, BNP’s shout was just like that.’

The Information and Broadcasting Minister said that the way BNP leaders have spoken, there is no similarity with the reality. The reality is that this is evident from their yesterday’s rally, far from the people, not all BNP workers participated there. They brought people from different parts of the country, but the gathering in front of Nayapaltan did not turn out as expected.

On January 16, BNP’s nationwide protest program. Hasan said, ‘As we were on alert in different parts of Dhaka city on the 11th, we will be on the 16th as well. If they make any attempt to create chaos, it will be countered by taking the people with them. No one will be allowed to disrupt peace and order and security in public life in the country.’

Awami League joint general secretary Hasan said, ‘Mirza Fakhrul and Mirza Abbas were released through legal process. This proves that the law-courts in the country are completely independent. BNP’s repeated questioning of law-courts is completely false, as proved by their bail. However, after coming out of jail, I think that Mirza Abbas, Mirza Fakhrul and other leaders are trying to speak as if they are walking on the path of democracy.

He said, “Mirza Abbas said, ‘We don’t want to push anyone, we want to send the government away through elections.’ We say come to the election, check your popularity. We will run the country if the people want it. Those who the people want will run the country. It is the customs of democratic state system, the customs of democracy. I hope they will follow the path of democracy. I wish them both good health and long life. The government is giving the fourth dose of corona, they can take that too if needed.”

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