The Jets are now counting on Aaron Rodgers’ decision as the tough wait continues

Aaron Rodgers should be flagged for delaying the game.

The four-time MVP quarterback continued to keep the Jets, Packers and the entire NFL world waiting on Monday.

Rodgers was expected to announce his decision Monday morning before the free agency window opens at noon.

But time came and went and as of Monday afternoon, the world was still waiting to hear from Rodgers.

The Jets didn’t panic on Monday, and there is still talk around the NFL that Rodgers will be traded to the Jets, but Jets fans’ blood pressure was rising every hour Monday as quarterback alternatives went off the board.

Jimmy Garoppolo, seen as the Jets’ backup option, agreed to a deal with the Raiders on Monday.

Mike White, who was far from returning to the Jets but could be a possible pivot, agreed to a deal with the Dolphins.

Aaron Rodgers keeps the football world waiting for his decision. Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers let Monday come and go without making a decision about his future.Kick USA

It comes after Derek Carr signed with the Saints last week.

All of which means the Jets are counting on Rodgers to accept the trade.

Their other options are not very attractive.

Jacoby Brissett and Baker Mayfield are the top free agent quarterbacks.

If Rodgers spurns the Jets and decides to retire, general manager Joe Douglas could turn to Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who was applied the non-exclusive franchise tag last week.

It seems unlikely that Jets owner Woody Johnson will want to give Jackson a fully guaranteed contract, which is what he is believed to be seeking, but the Jets will have to consider all options if Rodgers turns him down.

Midway through Monday, a report from former ESPN personality Trey Wingo surfaced that Rodgers, the Packers and the Jets had agreed to a trade, but sources said that was not accurate and nothing was developed afterward.

NY Post illustration

However, Wingo reported that the Jets were talking to Rodgers last week and he may have been premature with his report, not wrong.

It seems certain that Rodgers will announce his decision on his own terms.

Does that mean appearing on “The Pat McAfee Show”?

He appears on the show on Tuesdays during football season and last year announced his contract extension with Green Bay on the show.

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Rodgers told former Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall on Saturday that “it won’t be long” before he announces his decision.

He also said the decision has a “time limit,” referring to free agency.

It seems Rodgers’ only options are to come to the Jets or retire.

Packers president Mark Murphy said in an interview last week that the team is ready to move on.

Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers seems to want to make his decision on his own terms. USA TODAY Sports

The Jets and Packers aren’t stopping Rodgers’ indecisiveness, but it would certainly help both teams what he’s doing as free agency gets underway.

On Monday the teams were allowed to negotiate with agents and the new league year starts on Wednesday at 4pm.

Then contracts and trades can take place and teams must stay under the salary cap.

Rodgers has almost $60 million in cap space in 2023 and will impact any team’s budget and salary cap.

For now, all the Jets and everyone else can do is wait and hope that Rodgers’ answer comes sooner rather than later.

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