The state will vaccinate about 9 lakh cows infected with the virus in Malda, declining milk production

In the midst of an increase in corona infections, another virus is feared in Malda. However, instead of the human body, the cows are being infected with the virus caused by the virus. Due to this the production of cow’s milk is decreasing. Maybe abortion. The state government has decided to vaccinate about 9 lakh cows in the district free of cost to prevent infection.

According to the Malda Livestock Development Department, rabies has spread among cows in Habibpur, Bamangola and Gazol blocks of the district. Utpal Karmakar, deputy director of the department, said: There are wounds in these two places. Infected cow’s milk production decreases. It can even lead to miscarriage. ”

Livestock development officials say vaccination is the only way to prevent rabies. Utpal said, “We will vaccinate about 680,000 cows in the district in the next 10-15 days to stop the spread of Khurai disease.” In other words, 80 percent of the total cattle in the district will be vaccinated. The livestock workers of the block will go door to door and give this vaccine for free. The FMD vaccine has already arrived in the district for that. We have also started campaigning throughout the district. ”

Before the start of the vaccination program, however, the herdsmen are not worried. Uday Mandal, a herdsman in Habibpur block, said that fungus-like spots were seen on the hooves of cattle. He is being treated at the local veterinary center. Another cowherd named Santosh Ghosh said, “The cows have been getting weak for a few days now. It has also reduced the amount of food. Doctors at the Livestock Department said the cows were infected with the virus, “said Narayan Chandra Ghosh of the Gazol block. We can learn about the disease from the doctor at the veterinary hospital in the block.

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