TUCKER CARLSON: Leaders turned the American legal system against their political opponents

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The defining principle of the American legal system, indeed of American life, the principle that has kept us free, is equal justice, and the principle is quite simple. No matter what you look like or who your parents were or what your politics may be, the law treats you like any other American. In this country, justice is blind. Now, that’s a high standard, but because Americans have long believed in fairness, and because most of the people responsible for running that system have acted in good faith, this country has, for the most part, lived up to its core ideal for 250 years. years, making it the largest country in the world, but the populist rise of 2016 changed everything.

Persistent Washington suddenly felt more threatened by its constituents, the American electorate, than by any foreign rival. Donald Trump, for them, seemed more dangerous than ISIS. They panicked, and in their panic, our leaders decided to turn the American legal system, as well as the American intelligence agencies and, if necessary, the US military, against their political opponents. They felt they had no choice. In doing so, they abandoned the old principle of equality under the law and replaced it with what amounts to an oath of allegiance. Opponents of the regime became enemies of the state. It’s a big change and you’re seeing the results of that change tonight.

Twenty-four hours after a Manhattan grand jury indicted Joe Biden, his rival in the next presidential race, another New York jury convicted a Republican social media influencer named Douglass Mackey. What did Mackey do wrong? Well, Douglass Mackey’s crime was mocking Hillary Clinton voters online. You are seeing on your screen the meme that Mackey posted on Twitter during the 2016 election. In that meme, Mackey suggests that it’s possible to vote for president via text message because only Hillary voters could be stupid enough to believe something so absurd, but of course, in real life, no one believed that.

Mackey’s insult didn’t change a single vote in the election and no one has proven otherwise. The government did not produce a single victim of this crime. It wasn’t possible. Douglass Mackey was joking. No one thought he was a federal election official and indeed his social media profile picture featured a Donald Trump hat. He was unmistakable. This was a mockery, but after the 2016 election and the rise of hysteria surrounding Donald Trump, mocking the Democratic Party became a crime. So tonight, Douglass Mackey will be sentenced to 10 years in prison. The case against Doug Mackey is the most shocking attack on free speech in this country in our lifetime.


Former US President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Waco Regional Airport ( (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images))

It’s also a useful lesson in who they’ll let speak to in the future. As it turns out, a woman named Kristina Wong posted an almost identical meme the same year during the 2016 election, but unlike Doug Mackey, Wong voted for Hillary Clinton. “Hey Trump supporters,” he wrote. “Skip poll lines and text in your vote.” Same crime, but the Department of Justice under Joe Biden has shown no interest in prosecuting Kristina Wong. Do you see how it works? Have you internalized our new partisan legal standards? That would be the purpose of the exercise. They want to know the rules. We’ll get to the Doug Mackey case and what it means for you and America in a moment and by the way, Douglass Mackey isn’t the only Trump supporter going to jail now because he voted for it.

According to new reports from Julie Kelly, the FBI’s counterterrorism division just arrested a grandmother in the state of Virginia this week for four felonies. What exactly did he do? He entered the Capitol with his elderly mother for a total of 15 minutes on January 6. He didn’t hurt anyone. He didn’t destroy anything. It stopped there and yet, at the same time, in the same week, none of the transgender rogues who invaded the Tennessee State House yesterday have been rounded up by the FBI counter-terrorism division and, of course, they’re going to get it. don’t be Joe Biden just honored them with a day of trans visibility. So what we’re seeing here is definitely bigger than Donald Trump, but we’re going to start tonight with the latest news on his case, and we’re doing it because he’s him, and that’s not a coincidence in his prosecution. — is the leading Republican candidate for president.

Now, apparently, Trump isn’t being charged with treason or sedition or collusion or shoplifting, but something much smaller: a slew of felony charges related to a payment he made seven years ago. In any fair system this wouldn’t be a crime under the law seven years later, but Manhattan’s Soros-funded district attorney Alvin Bragg has concocted a Frankenstein legal theory to justify this charge. Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible because the statute of limitations has passed, and as if all that wasn’t third-world enough, someone leaked the news of Donald Trump’s grand jury indictment to the media. Now, that in itself is a crime under New York law. In fact, a far greater crime than what Donald Trump is accused of.


Will Alvin Bragg prosecute the leaker? please Almost certainly who is in his office. Nor will Bragg prosecute, as many people have pointed out today, the crimes of Hunter Biden or other Democrats; these are not rare or difficult to find. Bragg won’t prosecute Hillary Clinton, even though she just admitted to violating campaign finance law by paying for the fake Russian dossier. It’s fascinating that none of this has alerted watchdogs to government abuse or the media. No, on the contrary. The media is cheering our new standards of tribal justice.

DOUGLAS BRINKLEY, CNN: The good news is, it is our legal system that says no one is above the law.

REP. EX ELIZABETH HOLTZMAN: No one is above the law, not the Republicans and not the Democrats, not Donald Trump, not anyone.

ADAM KINZINGER, CNN: I believe that no one is above the law.

ARI MELBER, MSNBC: No person is above the law.

ANDREW WEISSMAN, MSNBC: We have political leaders who are not above the law.

MSNBC guest: We do not believe that anyone should be above the law.

SYMONE SANDERS, MSNBC: Everyone was beating the same drum, if you will. No one is above the law.

MSNBC guest: No one is above the law. Today’s evidence is that it also includes Trump.

GLENN KIRSCHNER, MSNBC: New life has been given to the saying: “No one is above the law”.


Let’s be perfectly clear. The people you just met don’t care about justice. Let them burn that word in their mouths. No, of course they are bloodthirsty. They would be cheering for you on the street. “No one is above the law!” they screamed as you writhed on the floor. They would, but while the old standards of fairness and equal application of the law are being applied, what happened to Sam Bankman-Fried? do you remember The biggest financial crime in history?

To this day, no one has explained or even bothered to try to explain how Sam Bankman-Fried got the $250 million bond. All we’ve been told to the long-suffering public is that a former Stanford dean and a Stanford computer scientist put up $500,000 and $200,000 respectively, and his parents put up the value of their house. So it leaves a pretty big gap. Where did the rest of the money come from? No one will tell us. No one in the media asks because no one cares. Sam Bankman-Fried didn’t pay an ex-mistress. No, he defrauded a million people and ran off with their houses in the Bahamas, and yet the system protects him because he voted the right way.


NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 06: Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg arrives in court during the Trump Organization tax fraud trial in New York Supreme Court on December 6, 2022 in New York City.  (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 06: Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg arrives in court during the Trump Organization tax fraud trial in New York Supreme Court on December 6, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images) ((Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images))

That is remarkable, but it is not the only criminal that Washington refuses to prosecute. There are so many. The people who destroyed the US dollar, for example; Those who degraded the United States army and made it a joke, that’s right; that flooded rural America with opioids and killed hundreds of thousands; the people who are selling our oil reserves to China today. No one has been prosecuted, in fact they have all been promoted.

We’ll have more on those in a moment, but for now, we’d like to start with Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner accused of non-existent crimes in the middle of a presidential race. We have a very specific question about how this will affect the race, because of course it’s about affecting the race.

Tucker Carlson currently hosts FOX News Channel’s (FNC) Tucker Carlson Tonight (weekdays at 8 p.m. / ET). He joined the network in 2009 as a contributor.

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