Water wastage must be prevented in all cases: PM

If you waste it, you will not have any resources in the end. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged to prevent wastage of water.

He made the call while participating in a video conference on the occasion of ‘World Water Day’ organized at Pani Bhaban on Green Road in Dhaka on Monday.

He said, “We supply water in Dhaka city or we have taken measures to purify water and supply it through pipes up to upazila level including various city corporations.” But it costs a lot to do these. So we have to stop wasting water.

He said that if you waste, you will not have any resources in the end. So we have to pay special attention to the invaluable resources that we have, how we can save and use these resources or use them for future generations.

The Prime Minister said that as the ground water level decreases, the rain water in the urban areas can reach the ground again through the soil. He also spoke about the conservation of rain water.

He said, “I cemented all the places, and the rain water flowed away, that’s not it.” And not all rainwater will fall into the river at all underground. Measures must also be taken to conserve rainwater in the reservoirs around us.

Sheikh Hasina called upon all to be frugal in using water for construction work, household or car wash.

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