Who forced Shakib

Who forced Shakib

If no one comes to hear your call, then go alone. This line of the song was filmed exactly by the new captain of Bangladesh Test team Shakib Al Hasan in Antigua.

However, due to the failure of the top order, nothing much happened in Shakib Al Hasan’s fight alone. With one day left, his team has been forced to take a big loss of 6 wickets.

However, one thing has been done in the second innings Shakib and Nurul Hasan Sohan’s fight to avoid the innings defeat. Shakib Al Hasan, one of the best all-rounders in the world, certainly did not want the first match of the first assignment to be like that back in Test captaincy. Even so, the one whose destiny is blocked by words has to be dragged to the top of the Himalayas.

Who forced Shakib

So on the day of such failure of the top orders, Shakib Al Hasan has to say, ‘Look, this is not really my business. The coach is the one to discuss. If I do coaching, I also do captaincy, then that’s the problem. As far as my work is concerned, if I live in Oituku, it is good for me. I will try to fulfill my responsibility as much as possible. The rest of the people, if everyone works responsibly from their place, the work will be easier for everyone.

In fact, those whom Shakib meant by ‘everyone’, will try to do their own thing from the next match.

Tamim Iqbal gave great confidence by scoring a century in the preparation match. However, in the main match, in the Antigua Test, the best opener of Bangladesh managed to score only 41 runs in two innings.

Even more frightening is that in the first innings, Mahmudul Hasan Joy, Nazmul Shant and Muminul Haque have called for three top orders. In all, the number of that post is 7.

Joy tried to turn around in the second innings, making 42 off 153 balls. However, Muminul and Shant could not take advantage as usual. Liton Das, one of the hopes of the Tests, could not match himself this time. Overall, Liton can be released as off-form, but the rest of Shakib’s team will be acquitted in which mantra?

Those who made Shakib a lonely Sherpa in the first Test, in simpler terms, fed him Nakanichubani, will they take their responsibility in the next match? Will you learn from mistakes? Or, like every time, when you come back from abroad, you will say that common word to everyone in the country, you will say, ‘We are still learning’! 22 years have passed to get Test status, how much more will the Tigers learn?

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