Why is there so much talk about Putin’s illness

Bathing with blood from Siberian deer antlers. Removal of excrement through loyal officers to avoid examination. Mysterious disappearance for emergency treatment. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health is being demanded. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

According to an AFP report, the buzz around the issue is that little is known about the health of a leader who is vital to Europe’s future. In particular, the issue is more relevant than ever after he ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

During Putin’s two-decade rule, little is known about his health. Little is known about Putin, except for the Kremlin’s famous empty-breasted portraits as part of a show of masculinity.
But Putin’s health concerns have grown since the war was imposed on neighboring Ukraine.

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Why did the bodyguards collect Putin’s excrement during the visit?
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir PutinPhoto: Reuters
Demands for Putin’s health
In April, a Russian-language news portal published the most in-depth investigative report on Putin’s health. A report based on information obtained from an open source claimed that a large number of doctors were also present during Putin’s visit to the southern tourist city of Sochi.

Among these doctors was thyroid cancer specialist Yevgeny Selivanov. In the past few years, Putin has often visited Sochi in the absence of public appearances.

Putin is said to have bathed in blood from Siberian deer antlers. This is one of the few steps Putin has taken to achieve longevity. Siberian-born Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Putin’s friend, made the suggestion.

This month, the French weekly magazine Paris Match claimed that Putin had a team with him during his tour of Saudi Arabia in 2019 and France in 2016. Whenever he went to the toilet, they would collect his excrement so that it would not fall into the hands of any foreign power. Because, by examining the excrement, his health condition can be known by others.

Newsweek in the United States has made even more sensational claims. The magazine quoted US intelligence as saying in June that Putin had been treated for high levels of cancer in April. However, the US National Security Council has denied any involvement in the briefing.

In an interview with Sky News in mid-May, Putin claimed that Putin had been diagnosed with cancer. However, he did not provide any evidence in support of the claim.

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Putin to hand over power to treat cancer: US media claim
Russian President Vladimir Putin

What information is available
The Kremlin has only once reported Putin’s health problems. And that was in the autumn of 2012. After being seen walking abnormally, he canceled a few meetings and went into hiding.

At the time, the Kremlin said Putin had suffered a muscle injury. According to a magazine, he had a back problem while performing a stunt while flying in a motorized hang-glider. But Prayakt says this was the beginning of his major health complications.

Corona also showed some unusual behavior of the Russian leader. The Kremlin says he has been vaccinated. However, unlike other world leaders, the picture of his immunization moment has not been released. People who came in contact with him, including journalists, had to take strict precautionary measures like in the days of quarantine.

World leaders who did not comply with the Kremlin’s strict conditions were placed at a long distance on the other end of a huge table. This was the case with French President Emmanuel Macho and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Putin would go to Russia for the Covid-19 test and possibly shake hands with the Kremlin if he complied with the Kremlin’s conditions, such as Quarantine. Among these leaders was Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

One of Putin’s meetings with Defense Minister Shoigu on Ukraine in late April added to the buzz. It shows Putin holding the table tightly. Some say it was an attempt to quell Putin’s tremors. Many videos show Putin’s legs moving abnormally during the meeting.

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