Wyse, the falcon of Arabian legend

He is also quite active on social media. He used to upload pictures and videos at regular intervals. The number of followers was also not less. But within 100 minutes of Lucille Stadium, the ‘followers’ started to increase so much that it crossed three lakhs in one jump.

Not only on Twitter, but also on Instagram. It’s about to happen. Until now, the world of acquaintance of the goalkeeper of Al Hilal club of his country was wide only in Asia and the Middle East. But it is Mohammed Al Wais, the legendary Arab midfielder who produced one of the greatest World Cup upsets in World Cup history against Argentina, who is now world-famous.

However, Lionel Messi’s record-breaking goal from the penalty spot leveled Saudi Arabia in the second half by Saleh Al Sehri. The hero’s seat could have gone to Nasser Al Dawsari, thanks to his incredible goal difference, which eventually led to their winner against the ‘Albiceleste’. The two goalscorers are getting the credit they deserve, though. But none more so than Vice. At the end of the match, the ‘MVP’ or the Most Valuable Player award trophy did not get decorated in the hands of the Saudi goalkeeper. In the first half, Argentina, who were repeatedly caught in the offside trap of the Saudi camp, continuously attacked the opponent’s defense in a desperate attempt to turn around after falling behind. Lionel Scaloni’s team upped the ante in attack, albeit not in the moment. It also kept the Weiss and Saudi players busy. But no results were found. Argentina took a total of 15 shots on Saudi Arabia’s post in the entire match. Most of it is resisted by the Arab Wall called Wais. The 31-year-old goalkeeper Lucile, who debuted in the World Cup with a match against Japan in the 2018 tournament in Russia, became a symbol of his team. Football followers should know that the Saudi Arabian football team is called ‘The Green Falcons’. Wise also became the fastest green of his team the hawk Weiss pounced like a hawk on Messi’s several attempts to find the net. The goalkeeper, disoriented during Messi’s penalty, later recovered and took all the light off the footlights to thwart Argentina’s attack.

The number of his followers continued to increase. At the end of the whistle, the Saudi goalkeeper’s own cheers were also broken. With the goals of Sehri and Dawsari and a keeper like Weiss under the post, it is not surprising that coach Herve Renard responded, “All the stars aligned for us today. Lucille is leaving behind the success of qualifying for the World Cup for the first time in 1994 and making it to the last 16. A hot favorite like Argentina has never been beaten like this before. It seems that Renard could not get out of the prejudices he had accepted for a long time. This French coach of Vices was in charge of Zambia in 2010. He took to the field in Cameroon’s Africa Cup of Nations match wearing a light blue shirt. After losing 3-2 in that match, what a twist in the world that Renard wore the white shirt in the next match. Not only did Zambia win, they also beat Cameroon to become group champions. A more important match means Renard will be seen in a white shirt. Reform may not always have worked, but Lucille did. Reynard’s disciples who came wearing open-breasted white shirts picked up the coach on a high altar of glory. But Dil Lucille. Reynard’s disciples who came wearing open-breasted white shirts picked up the coach on a high altar of glory. But Dil Lucille. Reynard’s disciples who came wearing open-breasted white shirts picked up the coach on a high altar of glory.

At the same time, he remained steadfast in his superstitions. Among those who put it, the first name is certainly that of the falconer of Arab legend, Wais. Who is the hero not by scoring goals, by preventing goals

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