Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 in the test: no gold medal for Sega!

When Olympic precious metal starts to rust: The licensed sports game “Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” disappoints in the test with weak technology and limited scope. That’s not how it works with the place on the podium!

Conclusion: Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

“Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” falls short of expectations. Instead of a loving collection of sports games, Sega presents the exact opposite: boring licensed food with too few disciplines and many technical and playful weaknesses. The lack of real long-term or career modes weighs heavily in this case – the mere collecting of records and activating new outfits hardly motivates. In addition, the fun factor of the 18 sports fluctuates significantly and ranges from “entertaining” to “what happened there?”. “Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” therefore fails the test. If you are still looking for an Olympic game, you should try your luck at the much more entertaining “Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020”.

E.There is no real Olympic mood in view of the rising Corona numbers in Tokyo and ongoing protests. Nevertheless they shouldSummer Olympics2020 will take place in the Japanese prefecture from July 23 to August 8, 2021. The corresponding licensed game comes again from Sega and appears for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In the test of the “Olympic Games Tokyo 2020”, however, similar sand in the gear as in the real major event. Instead of a passion for sport, there is gaming frustration in many places!

No career, just individual competitions

The first disappointment is already hidden in the main menu: “Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” has no career or story options. At the beginning you put together your own athlete and determine the basic characteristics, but there is no overarching variety. The item “Olympic Games” only contains the 18 disciplines and various playlists. You can invest the points you collect in new outfits and costumes for the avatar. To see how your own character runs across the finish line as an astronaut or ninja is funny, but not enough to motivate you in the long term.

As in many sports games, the multiplayer mode also plays an important role here. With two participants on the couch, the licensed product is quite humorous, as a competition for medals and records quickly arises. Because the “Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” is kept very simple, it is also suitable for younger players and beginners. Online there is a hunt for precious metals with up to four participants. In addition to training duels, there are also ranked matches for the ambitious. In terms of scope, however, “Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” falls short of the possibilities of the license. For example, all riding disciplines and gymnastics as well as weightlifting, surfing or skateboarding are missing.

18 disciplines, but little quality

“Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” comprises a total of 18 disciplines such as 100 meter sprint or long jump to boxing, soccer or sport climbing. Before the start of each competition, help screens display the controls. Each competition consists of three phases: qualification, semi-finals and final. If it is very easy at the beginning, the level of difficulty increases noticeably in the finale and could thus frustrate beginners. However, nobody should expect a sports simulation here. “Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” is currently steaming complex sports such as basketball or soccer down to their basics and supports the player with many help functions.

What sounds fair is sometimes annoying. In football, for example, there is no flank function and the figures move extremely woodenly across the field. There is no button to switch players. Basketball suffers from very similar problems, while beach volleyball plays well despite its weaknesses and allows entertaining rallies. The simplest athletics disciplines like hammer throwing, sprinting or long jump are undoubtedly the most fun. Here, demands and implementation do not collide as strongly as in team sports.

Simple presentation

In terms of presentation, “Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” is kept rather simple with its comic graphics and minor effects. Above all, weaknesses in the course of the game are noticeable negatively: collisions in BMX hardly provide any feedback, in other sports the overall stiff animations are annoying. “Olympic Games Tokyo 2020” therefore seems anything but high-quality and disappoints technically and playfully. The “Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020” published in 2019 is the much more fun and well thought-out alternative.

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