The Winter Olympics on Valentine’s Day is a different event in Chinese restaurants

A variety of cakes and desserts have been prepared for tourists in Chinese restaurants on the occasion of World Love Day. The restaurants are mainly for athletes, staff and tourists who come to China for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Tourists are fascinated by such arrangements.

Tourists from different countries have come to China on the occasion of Winter Olympics. Olympic staff including media workers and athletes came. A variety of heart-shaped cakes and desserts have been made in Chinese restaurants on the occasion of World Valentine’s Day.

The restaurants have taken such a step so that everyone can celebrate this special day of love even when they are away from home and away from their family. Tourists are also happy with such an arrangement.

A tourist who came to the restaurant said, ‘I feel very good. Lots of cute cute dishes made here. It feels like I’m back at my home to the people I love. I am enjoying it a lot. ‘

Meanwhile, an official of the restaurant said, ‘Since February 14 is World Love Day. So with this day in mind we have made some special pastries. Through which an atmosphere of Valentine’s Day has been created. There are roses, heart shaped cakes, different types of desserts here. As a result, tourists who come here to celebrate Valentine’s Day will feel that they are close to the people they love. ‘

And tourists have been enjoying World Valentine’s Day since Biobubble.

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